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North Yorkshire

Highland Cattle Highland Cattle Photo: © Andy Holden

CPRENY, a registered charity managed planning issues across the 3500 square miles of North Yorkshire.  In many local authority areas we have dedicated volunteers and/or local planning wardens who alert the Branch to areas which require our support.


In the 'old days' CPRE North Yorkshire was a group is nine committees each doing their own thing, in some cases there was a lack of understanding of the purpose of CPRE.  Over the last three years, as the charity completed its governance and compliance project, we worked to removed this old fashioned cumbersome structure and join the rest of CPRE.  


How did we get here?

CPRE was founded in 1926 as the Council for the Preservation of Rural England, largely at the initiative of Lord Cawford and Sir Patrick Abercrombie. It was set up as a federation. Even at that time, threats to the countryside were substantial: the extension of large towns and their industries over fine countryside, suburban sprawl along newly constructed roads, advertisement hoardings, and a general failure to build a high standard of design (sound familiar?). Some of our most dramitically beautiful countryside was seriosuy affected by mineral working, illconceived highway alterations, extensive forestation, reservoirs and electricity transmission lines.

Town and Country Planning was in its infancy. CPRE played a significant role in the first comprehensive Towna and Country Planning Act in 1932 and the subsequent establishements of Green Belts and National Parks. In 1969, the name was changed to the Council for the Protection of Rural England and in 2003 to the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

So, we campaign to ensure we get the right kind of development, in the right place at the right time for the right reasons, sadly it's not always an easy job. Therefore our Districts are essential.

Our local planning wardens or volunteers have been concerned with many things over the years, from protecting the Daffodils at Farndale, to protecting the rural lifestyle, to debating and campaigning on planning matters at the local, regional and national scale. However, although we are a series of independent chairties we all share the same vision for the countryside as the National Office of the CPRE charity. We are the only green organisation who concerns itself with all aspects of the countryside.

Our members have a wide range of experience and expertise, sometimes a career in management, planning or engineering or some aspect of rural life, for example: farming, fishing, wildlife and are happy to help should an issue arise. CPRE North Yorkshire is not a business and is run by its trustees  who seek to preserve and enhance this special area for the enjoyment of future generations.

We regularly campaign aginst what we consider to be inappropriate development in inappropriate places and would happily support well thought out and designed schemes which would serve to benefit the countryside. Please feel free to contact us should you need our support.

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