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Energy and waste

Energy and waste

Our goal is to avoid the damage to the countryside by encouraging a reduction in overall consumption and being more efficient with what we use.



climate change and energyClimate change and energy
We urgently need to halt the damage to our countryside, by reducing the amount we consume overall and using our natural resources more responsibly. Over the past few years we have been inundated with applications for large scale wind turbines, some of which are 149m high. CPRE North Yorkshire districts have successfully campaigned to prevent turbines for profit. A recent campaign to remove the redundane turbines at Chelker Reservoir resulted in the first removal of a wind farm and the prevention of a replacement wind farm on the site that would have created a much larger adverse impact.

We are now witnessing an increase in solar farm applications. We need to build homes and businesses with the correct level of insulation to save the energy we produce before destroying acres of countryside in the development of controversial solar farms. Solar energy is advancing at a fast rate, prices are coming down. it is now possible to buy roof tiles that are each a solar panel and therefore have no impact. Let's take the small steps first on our journey towards renewables and start with the homes and buisnesses and the effective use of energy once it is produced.


quarrying and miningQuarrying and mining
Opencast mines deface some of our finest landscapes and wreck tranquillity, they have a devastating effect on nearby communities and wildlife, and they increase our carbon emissions.

In some areas of North Yorkshire quarries have been part of the landscape for hundreds of years. We need to strike a clear balance between need, design and access in relation to quarries.

CPRE North Yorkshire have supported the Campaign for National Parks who objected to the potash mine in North York Moors National Park. Our comments are based on the impact on the landscape and tourism of theis special place rather than on the principle of the mine. (Our objections and associated documents can be viewed here). 


electricity pylonsElectricity pylons
We are concerned that government proposals for new electricity pylons could cut through many of our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is all about cost. It costs more to develop underground cables than to build large pylons. CPRE North Yorkshire works to protect the landscape from the usual dominance by overground large pylons.


litter and flytippingLitter and fly-tipping
Litter is costing taxpayers over half a billion a year in England. Our campaign led by Bill Bryson aims to stop the litter and fly-tipping that is spoiling our towns and countryside.

Julie Hepworth (past chair of the Ryedale district) and Janet Sanderson (past Ryedale Committee Member) led the way bringing litter to the awareness of school children with their famous 'Rubbish Song'. The county works hard to promote increased awareness of littering in the countryside of North Yorkshire and campaigns hard to Stop the Drop!

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