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Farming and food

Farming and food

Farming isn't just about producing food, farmers help maintain the unique character of the English landscape with its hedgerows meadows, woods, and traditional barns. Buying locally produced food can help ensure a thriving future for farming.


We support sustainable farming and outdoor livestock production, as the best way to maintain a beautiful, living, working countryside, diverse in wildlife. CPRE North Yorkshire campaign to ensure that all agricultural land is valued. North Yorkshire contains important grazing land which sadly falls outside the 'Best and Most Versatile' classification.

Our farmers are the guardians of the countryside, their success means that the countryside they farm is maintained. The iconic dry stone walls of the Yorkshire Dales, for example, don't just grow! Not only do they provide outstanding images but they are part of nature's biodiversity superhighway ensuring connectivity between speicies and places.


local foodsLocal foods
Most of our food comes from the big supermarket chains, which sell very little locally produced food. Buying locally produced food helps shoppers make a connection with farmers, is good for the environment and creates jobs within communities. The North Yorkshire area is home to some rather specialist food producers with the area around Thirsk being part of a golden triangle of food producers.

We support all local food producers and encourage support. Tired, cheese wrapped tightly in plastic wrap with a bland taste cannot compare to some of our local cheeses! Try asparagus from Sandhutton or fish from Whitby or Scarborough! The local food producers supply a network of restaurants, tea rooms and gastropubs ensuring excellent opportunities to 'eat out' for both local people and tourists.

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