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Thursday, 20 July 2017 10:33

Craven District Council Local Plan Consultation

Written by CPENY

Have you submitted your comments?  The local plan for Craven District Council out for consultation is 31 July 2017.  See the attached PDF of our original comments to the sites and compare this to the current local plan consultation document.  Do you have anything to add positive and negative?  Are you happy with the site allocations in your area?  Let us know, our planning consultants are currently examining the document and will be ready to submit our official response next week.  Do you think the plan reflects that character and landscape of Craven?  Do you think it recognises farming and the farming industry's comtribution to the countryside?  Let us know!!




One out of every three homes are not being built accroding to this report in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (7th July)

Authorities can grant all the permission they like but it means nothing if the promised homes are not developed.

So... why do we have a housing shortage?  You work it out!

We are now monitoring and publishing information on the applications approved where a developer comes back and says they now find it is not viable to produce the promised affordable homes quote and seek to remove or reduce this.  The trend (and it is without a trend) is happening across England.  This country needs affordable homes for our young families - we all agree about this.  We also know that there is enough planning permission approved and brownfield to produced 1.5 million homes but still applications come in for new sites, usually greenfield, with wonderful promises of affordable homes.  Once the principle of planning is established and remember - that principle haunts a site for ever, developers too often come back and claim suddenly is is unviable to deliver on this commitment.

Do you have any examples of a developer delivering on or better over and above their promised affordable quote?  We'd love to hear about them and promote these sites!


Wednesday, 28 June 2017 13:25

Outstanding Contribution award 2017

Jill Wilson and Frank Paterson receive awards for an OUTSTANDING Contribution to the work of CPRE NY

Pre-publication draft of local plan outlining development preferences outside the YDNP went out for six weeks consultation on the 19th of June

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