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Major build, new industrial poultry 'farm' in the York Green Belt.....

Friday, 11 November 2016 12:29

Major build, new industrial poultry 'farm' in the York Green Belt..... Photo: © Holly Occhipinti, Creative Commons license

November 2017 update:

new date for determination November 24th!  CPRENY objection downloaded by 207 people!  


The application to create an industrial scale poultry "farm" in the York Green Belt rumbles on......

We note with interest that the application validate in August 2016 has yet to be determined.  CPRENY objects to the principle of this development with a green belt.

How on any planet can  hectares of industrilal sheds be classed as positive development for a green belt?

CPRE has once again, reiterated it's objection to this industrial scale farm focussing on the principle of development such as this in the green belt!

Copy below.


New date for determination of this application for new build industrial poulty 'farm' in the York Green Belt 15th September 2017

On 6 July 2017 a document was posted on the CYC site illustrating that an application to extend the deadline to July was sent to the developer in MAY 2017.

....deadline for determination now 16th June!   Application submitted November 2016.

CPRE continue to campaign to protect the York Green Belt, in particular "openness".

When is farming an industrial scale operation?  Does industrial farming contribute to all three aspects of sustainability?  Is factory farming in industrial scale sheds suitable for the Green Belt?

CPRE North Yorkshire and CPRE National Office have been contacted by concerned members of the public regarding an application to create a new farm at Bradley Lane, Rufforth in the York Green Belt (re-submission of 15/02031/FULM).

This application is for a large scale industrial farm to be created in the York Green Belt consisting of six large warehouse type sheds to hold the chickens, access road, grain silos, diesel tank, woodchip store, site office and biomass boiler as well as parking. It is estimated that 280,000 chickens would be moved in and out of this industrial farm every eight weeks.

The Branch has reviewed this application and consider this to be industrial scale development within the Green Belt and whilst the applicant argues that approval would contribute to food production in England, this is a new farm and the loss of agricultural green fields is contra to the purpose of the Green Belt.

The application which was  recommended for refusal by planners has been deferred twice.  The deadline for the latest deferment 25th February 2017.  CPRENY wrote to the CYC Planning department for an update, to date no response has been received.

CPRE NY again wrote to the planning department for an update on the 1st of March - as of the 9th of March, no response has yet been received.

March 16 2017  CPRE NY wrote to the Planning department of CYC reiterating our comments and focussing on the reports received from the public that the decision by planners was delayed due to issues with para 89 of the NPPF and Openness.  A copy can be found below.

See below for a copy of the Branch’s objection.




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