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Photography competition 2017 and the winner is.......

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 06:30

The nature of other things The nature of other things Photo copyright by Louise Sharp

Louise Sharp who lives north of Settle!

Louise sent two contrasting and vibrant images with the following script:


There are places in the countryside where wild things grow, unhindered quietly changing with each season its own eco system of natures uninterrupted peace, this is a story of Wood Sorrel

In the quiet coolness of woodland the peaceful bells can be found, and when they open they become stars amongst the moss of a fallen bough…

Beautiful Woodland Sorrel natures little weather vane, when leaves fold up before and during rain, then again to sleep when day has merged to night.

Then this! Impact of human hand and foot, no thought, no consequence or care as the tree stands above, a plastic bottle rammed between her branches as the watcher contemplates joy of a path unexplored


Louise wins £100 and our thanks for illustrating the two sides of the countryside.

Entry is open for CPRENY A picture speaks a thousand words competition 2018

Litter needs irradicating - let's get a bottle deposit scheme going!



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