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YDNP withdraws objection to enormous development on boundary

Thursday, 31 May 2018 08:52

The YDNP withdrew its objection to the enormous proposed leisure site on its boundary earlier this year

CPRENorthYorkshire wrote to the CEO asking for an explanation and pointing out the flaws in this decision.  The Craven Herald reported this story this week


Beggars belief that such an important site for biodiversity could possibly be relocated to an alternative site when it has already been established that the Flashes pay a key role in the continued success of the two nearby SSSi's!

We await the promised  response from the YDNP

The YDNP have responded to our letter:

They state as one reason

The proposal is for a major development on the Park boundary. It is highly visible from the

A65 and from Hellifield but would be seen as an extension of the village in those short range

views. Conversely it is very difficult to find a clear view of the site from within the Park. The

development will affect views from within the Park but in our judgement the impact would be

limited and localised

Just take a peak at the photograph where the sun chose that particular moment to shine through and highlight the site FROM a trail within the park and a local view point within the Park known as the Edge.

Note also, this view point was used by a planning inspector in his decision to dismiss an appeal to increase the size of the Gallaber caravan and trailer home park 

CPRE North Yorkshire are supporting Save OUR Craven Countryside - the local action group who campaign on behalf of residents with determination and dedication...

Some years ago Shaun Spiers, the former CEO of our national organisation visited the site and described it as "the wild west" when shown the site and the planning history.

Image courtesy of Save OUR Craven Countryside who are on facebook.


good article but somewhat contradicted by the Hellifield issue which wilst on the boundary, feeds into a declining SSSi




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