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Out of the mouths of babes....2

Thursday, 11 October 2018 07:10

Why I love North Yorkshire Why I love North Yorkshire

ARE YOU  TIRED OF YOUR BUSY, BUSY LIFE?  Then come over to the beautiful, natural North Yorkshire!!

Children are honest, they see life as it is and as it should be.  This wonderful story highlights North Yorkshire's incredible waterfalls, historical abbeys. castles, Sutton Bank, Roseberry Topping the White Horse and of course Whitby and it's fish 'n' chips!

Here's some more information about this stunning part of North Yorkshire and hopefully you'll see why we do what we do and why we campaign so hard for this generation and the next.....

Sutton Bank?

Well - apart from being a very big hill with a spectacular road running up the side, one that you seriously hope not to get stck behind a slow, large truck or a bad driver on, it is the route down from the tops or up from the Vale of York!

Vet and author James Herriot declared the tremendous view from the dramatic Sutton Bank escarpment over the Vale of Mowbray and the Vale of York, the "finest in England". It's an official Dark Sky Discovery Site too, one of three in the North York Moors.

There's a visitor centre at the top with ample parking - why not watch to the sun set with a picnic?  https://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/visiting/see-and-do/sutton-bank-national-park-centre

Visit Whitby for fish 'n' chips?  We second that, the famous Magpie Cafe is not to be missed!!

Here's entry two of the school writing competition.

The brief was to write about something the children did this summer that made them love North Yorkshire so much!  They've adapted the brief and seem to be producing an excellent ad campaign!    This entry is from one of the older children

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