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Monday, 15 October 2018 07:36

Why I love North Yorkshire

by Lucas, Helmsley CP School in Ryedale

Come and visit the beautiful North York Moors which is filled with amazing plants and creatures!


The plants in the North York Moors are the most beautiful things in the world.

The small of the colourful flowers is the most lovely smell in your life.

The animals in the North Moors are amazing.

They are so peaceful and quiet.

When they have babies the babies are so cute.

The animals in the North York Moors are the animals of your dreams.

I love to sit in the heather and lister for animals

If you are lucky you might see a red kite, it has a V shaped tail.

Look out for a red grouse, if it is a female it won’t have red eye brows but if it is a male, it will have red eye-brows.

A red grouse always has brown feathers and is very shy.

The coastline of the North York Moors is beautiful and full of fantastic things to see.

The gold, sandy beaches on the coastline have a gentle breeze and a sparkling sea.

The scenery is breathtaking so come and visit this lovely coastline.

Come and visit the amazing North York Moors and see all these fantastic things.

Come today, make your way, don’t delay!


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