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Summer's entry in the CPRENorthYorkshire school's writing competition!

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 08:33

Public Footpath at Roseberry Topping in the North York Moors National Park Public Footpath at Roseberry Topping in the North York Moors National Park

Summer, from Helmsley CP School in Ryedale,  might just be the next David Attenborough....

Read Summer's story below, we have written this one out because it's more than one page AND it is just too good.  Summer has embraced the competition brief and told us exactly why she loves North Yorkshire.  Read on and you will fall in love with the county too ... if you haven't already!

Why I love North Yorkshire by Summer

Why wouldn't you want to come to the beautiful, picturesque North Yorkshire Moors because you could take a stroll in the dense woodland or even bike through the heathery moorland, so why not come and discover your road to the great outdoors.

I love North Yorkshire because of the stunning landscape and the sudden changes of weather.  Were we live, right here near the moors, you could see all sorts of wildlife.  In the moors, the most common animal is the Scottish Black Face because they roam and collect up all the ticks lying around in the heather.

My favourite bit is walking and the peatland and woodland because I just feel at home.

The rivers are a very common place to see dippers and kingfishers.  This year hasn't has been a very good year to let your dogs in the river because there has been some green algae which can make dogs ill but that doesn't stop anyone from having a riverside walk.  If you are lucky, you could spot a water lilly or some water weed.

Now, moving on to the magical moorland in Yorkshire is absolutely outstanding.  It's the most common place to visit because you can see lapwings and lots of meadow pipits or if you're really lucky depending on how much noise you are making, you might spot a curlew!  In Spring you could come across Scottish Black face lambs and ewes crossing over the road.  But just remember "beware of the adders".

The best place to visit is the James Herriot museum because if you want to be Yorkshire Vet and follow in the lead of his life (like I do) you could go and visit the museum and learn about the country life like he did.  This museum is located on the outskirts of Thirk.  Now Julian Norton and Peter Wright has taken over vetinary centres.  That is why Thirsk is famous.  

The woodland in North Yorkshire is one of the best in the world to spend a day walking around in.  You could see a a great spottered woodpecker or a nuthatch.  In our woodlands we have plants like  wild garlic and in spring our woods are full of daffodils and bluebells.  People like to visit our woods on an evening or at dusk.  In Autum, all the leaves fall off the trees and you could see a red fox, on of the wonders of nature.

Now, you are inspired why not come and visit and try as many activities as you can.....

Why not indeed and well said Summer.  

For more information on the topics covered by Summer see the links below to learn more:


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https://www.worldofjamesherriot.com  http://www.channel5.com/show/the-yorkshire-vet/  

Bluebell walks:  https://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/visiting/see-and-do/nature-calendar/may


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