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Ted's story.....

Saturday, 20 October 2018 06:53

Ted, we love your story and the illustrations and your hand-writing.  (We’re really sorry we couldn’t fit all your wonderful illustration on our scanner.)

Ted thinks the North York Moors is one of the only moors in the whole entire world….

so, here are some facts to add to Ted’s story:

The NYMNP is England’s most densely wooded national park with forests covering 22% of it’s area.

Heather moorland, whilst rare elsewhere covers one-third of our NYMNP creating the largest acreage of such habitat in England and Wales.  

The forests and moors of the North York Moors provides homes for the wild variety of animal and bird life Ted talks about in this story.

CPRENorthYorkshire is one of the very few (we think we might be the only..) charities in  the CPRE network to campaign to promote, protect and enhance TWO national parks!  

for more park info visit:


and the ‘other’ national  park in the Dales




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