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Finlay tells us about his North Yorkshire....

Sunday, 21 October 2018 07:49

Finlay should perhaps be writing for the ad agencies who promote tourism in North Yorkshire as this story tells and sells our wonderful county!  We really do have it all don’t we?  We should celebrate and maybe see the world more through the eyes of the younger generations!

This is latest of the entries in the school’s writing competition to be uploaded.  Check daily as we post new ones each day.  We’re also publishing some of the entries on our face book page, to get there - click on the facebook icon at the bottom of our home page.

As Finlay says - visit our rocky coasts

North Yorkshire and Cleveland Heritage Coast running from Saltburn to Scalby Mills near to Scarborough is 36 miles long!  


Fish & Chips well we’re biased - North Yorkshire is home to the best fish ’n’ chips is the entire world.

Finlay talks about Autumn in North Yorkshire try visiting:



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