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CPRE North Yorkshire

CPRENorthYorkshire AGM 2019

Monday, 15 April 2019 14:20

The first AGM of our CIO charity - the theme...for this generation and the next!

On Saturday, 13 April, CPRENorthYorkshire held it's Annual General Meeting to present the accounts and endorse the trustee board for 2019/2020.

We're always talking about campaigning for this generation and the next so we decided it was time to do something positive about it and invite the next generation along!  The winners of the 2019 School Writing competition and their families came along to the meeting.  This will not be the last time we listen to those we are campaigning for!

Summer, Nyima and Evie received their prizes from our President, Lord Crathorne.  
Roger Haffield was presented with his prize for taking the winning photograph in our annual photography competition (do check out our instagram page, there's a link to it on the home page)  Ron Healey was presented with an award for totally outstanding contribution to CPRENorthYorkshire and working for this charity as a volunteer for over 40 years.

The Board was endorsed and the accounts accepted by the members.

We had a good story to tell and did so ... Loud and Proud.


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