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Why CPRE is joining the climate action on 20 September!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 08:55

Why CPRE is joining the climate action on 20 September!!

"At CPRE we think the countryside has a major role to play in tackling the climate emergency."

By Crispin Truman, chief executive

By Crispin Truman, chief executive

The climate emergency poses an imminent threat to the countryside that we all hold dear, and it’s young people who will bear the brunt of its impact. That’s why we’re supporting the global climate action taking place on 20 September.

At CPRE we think the countryside has a major role to play in tackling the climate emergency. Keeping the countryside green is something we can all play a part in; by planting trees, looking after our soils, encouraging more people to enjoy and value it, increasing access by walking, cycling or public transport – these are all things we can contribute to, particularly when it comes to the countryside near where we live.

And because climate change often seems so big and overpowering, it’s local actions like these which can make a real difference, both in the fight against climate change, and for individuals who care and want to do something.

The same applies to going on a march or joining others locally to raise awareness and call for change. These are things we can all do and that’s why CPRE is backing the climate action taking place on Friday 20 September.

Inspired by the school strikers, millions of people will be out on the streets around the world on Friday 20 September to demand action on climate change.

Over the past seven months, young people have been taking to the streets throughout the UK and globally to call for urgent action on climate and nature. In May, young people put a call out for adults to join them on 20 September for the largest climate mobilisation throughout the UK and globally.

We think that empowering people to do something themselves, as well as making a noise so that policy makers, government, businesses and other decision-makers sit up, listen and make, bold changes at the highest levels of our society, is a vital part of tackling the climate emergency and thereby protecting our countryside from the greatest threat it has ever faced.

Our staff will be joining the march that afternoon and, in the morning, will be doing something locally which benefits the environment and our countryside.

People who work or volunteer for CPRE do so because of their belief in the cause, and this is an occasion where our individual passion for the environment synchronises perfectly with the charity’s wider agenda. I’ll be joining them myself and in the morning, I’ll be putting some time into developing new ways for us to support climate mitigation measures in the urban Green Belt.

You can follow us on all the main social media channels and I’ll be tweeting on @CrispinTruman on the day.

If you really think about it, it’s hard to see how CPRE, with almost 100 years’ experience of promoting, enhancing and protecting countryside, could do anything else.

If you’re inspired to join the day of climate action on Friday 20 September, find a local action near you by heading to

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