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Langton Primary School Entries

Wednesday, 09 October 2019 08:17

We have recieved some beautiful artwork from KS1 and amazing stories from the children of Langton Primary School. 


Reception & Key Stage 1


"Filey is one of my favorite places beacause I can build sandcastles and paddle in the sea, ans collect shells and fossils"


  • SKYE

"My North Yorkshire is our family walk. Here I can see the Moors, school, sheep and deer in the fields and farms."


  • RUBY

Dalby Forest



"My Special place is my school.  It's where I made my friends and learn inmprtant things.  You can see my classroom, where I do learning and the playground I play with my friends."



"My Favourite place is Dailby Forest. My picture is Dalby Forest. "





"I love going on the steam train to Whitby and playing at the seaside. This is the first time I went on a train and me playing on the beach."



"My Favourite place is Dalby Forest"



"The Beach"


  • JACK



"I like jumping on the bridge because it bounces. When I'm on the bridge I can see a crocodile in the water.  I can watch the train go past."



"My favourite place is Dalby Forest. There are lots of trees and streams and a play park."



"The Railway Musuem."


Year 1 and 2

  • ZIVA

"My North Yorkshire is Scarborough.  You can see fish and chips, ice cream, sealife, the castle and marine drive.   I always have lots of fun here on the beach. "




"This is my special place on my day walk in Birdsall, I have drawn my 2 dogs, an owl and me in my wellies, walking through Blue Bells in the forest."



"I like going to Dalby Forest for a bike ride with my family.  We see woodland animals hiding in the trees."



"My special place is going to Birdsall with grandma. We see cows and sometimes horses walking home from school."



"I went to Scarborough beach and paddled in the sea, after me and Priya got cold.  Then we wen to tell Priya's mum. Then we found a donkey ride. We told Priya's mum and she let us go on them.  My donkey was called Susan."



"My special place is the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.  I go on it every summer with my grandad.   There are different train stops to see and on the way you can see all different species of animals to see.  It goes up to Whitby, that is where is stops.   My favourite place is Whity and around.  I love Whitby because I love playing crazy golf there and going to Trenchers for my lunch, Yummy!"



"We go for a family walk in the Bluebelll wood.  We see lots of nature. There are lots of trees, flowers and birds. "



"I have chosen Studley Royal!"



"Hutton Le Hole"



"I like going to Dalby Forest to play on the Zip Wire."


  • WADE

"I love visiting Castle Howard where I play hide and seek.  I catch Pokemon on the way to the playground.   I have a cheese scone for lunch and an ice cream when its time to go home."



"I chose Piglets because every yearI go to see Santa with my family.   I go with my mummy and daddy, grandma, Auntie Tasha, Uncle Richard, Aunty Becca and my cousin Ralph and Digby.  

In my picture my family and I are going to see Santa. We are in the sleigh getting pulled by the tractor.  Then I am getting the key off santa politely, to choose a toy from the workshop."



"Hutton-le-Hole is my special place because I like to play in the stream with my cousins and sister.   My Picture shows the cafe where we got and ice cream.  

There is a bridge to go over the stream where we played.  There is a hill with flowers and lots of sheep.   The sheep were everywhere.  They were even in the road when we were driving."



"My favourite place in North Yorkshire is my home.  I like watching the sunset with my brothers and playing in the garden."


  • SAM

"This is me in the beck ay my cousins house. I played till 8:00 it was very sunny."



"I like riding on my bike in Dalby Forest."



 "I like Filey because my family is there and we're all together.  We go to the beach to build sandcastles and eat ice-cream.  We also go swimming together. "



"I like going to Bempton Cliffs to see the Puffins.   I think Puffins are nice."


  • NOAH

"Where is Dalby?  Dalby is in the country side!"


  • JONI

"I was high up on nests.  I did jumping and lots of balancing."  at Go Ape. 



"This is my favourite place in North Yorkshire., Dalby Forest.   There is lots of trees, a stream to fish in and zip wires.    I love going with my family. "




"This is me riding a donkey in Scarbrough at the beach.  It was so much fun.   Our grandad and mummy came too.   We rode donkeys called Zebady and Toffey."


  • IRIS

"Castle Howard is special at Christmas. 

I love Skelf Island.  

I live the tractor train. 

I like exploring the woods."



"This is Dalby Forest.  I like riding my bike on the muddy paths."




Key Stage 2


"...I am inspired by nature because we take care of it. "



"My Favourite Place in North Yorkshire is Dalby Forest.  Dalby Forest has a brilliant bike park in Dixon Hollow. It has really big jumps that I jump over on my bike. 

Sometimes I go to Dalby Forest with my grandad.  Me and my grandad go on the bike trails. I love going over the rocks. 

 My other favourite place is grandad's farm because I ride my motorbike in the tracks.   I even have jumps there. "



".. I'm surrounded by stunning scenery as as soon as I open my door. ..."


  • AART  

"...I feel lucky ro live in North Yorkshire. "




"....My other favourite place is the North Yorkshire Moors because of its outstanding views!..."


  • JAKE

North Yorkshire is special to me becasue of lots of happy memories of time with family and friends in the countryside.   North Yorkshire is happy, calm and carefree rather than a busy bustling city... "



 "...I feel very lucky to live in the beautiful countryside in the village in North Yorkshire."




"One of the good things about North Yorkshire is the animals, especially the bunny rabbits. 

I love North Yorkshire becasue of the pretty flowers all around us. 

I like the big open spaces to ride my bike. 

Another brillant thing about North Yorkshire is the seasides.  I love feeding the ducks at the duck pond. 

I love going to the White Horse and climbing my favourite tree that I climb everytime I go. 

I love going to to castles in North Yorkshire. 

I love collecting conkers in North Yorkshire. 

I love to watch Genius running on the grass in North Yorkshire Grass. "



"...I really like going up the wheat heaps.  We spent half an hour climbing and sinking and we all lost our shoes and had to dig to find them..."



"... The views goes for miles, I can see fields, trees and lots of cows..."


  • LUCY

"... the Moors it is beautiful!"



"...we saw some black, white and brown calves.  They were in a massive green grassy filed.  We all picked some grass to feed them, there was a very greedy brown one and some scared ones."



"As I look out of my dirty glass window I can see the beautiful flowers blooming in the distance.  When it is pitch dark I can see the black bats swooping over our house.  

At the moment the trees are loosing there leaves but near to Christmas the leaves are completely gone and it is much better to see everything, It is very beautiful. 

In the summer holidays I went walking in the extraordinary sunny scorching day in the purple bushes of bumpy heather.  I saw a deer at the side of the green squelching mud. 

I love chilly April Showers because I like a bit of rain and a bit of sun and snow.  

But when I am outside the cold warm snugly clouds hug me."



"I like North Yorkshire because I go on beautiful walks and see lovely green grass and trees. Also the country side you see lambs and sheep and some cows and pigs, which all belong to farmers.  

There is lots of farms in Yorkshire as it is a big farming country.  Also what I like about North Yorkshire is places like Dalby Forest, there is loads of stuff to do there and GoApe.  GoApe has got zip lines and its an obstacle course and it is fun and I was dancing on the zip line."


  • SKYE

"I love rising my motorbike in the North Yorkshire Countryside with Poppy, Daddy, and Gemma.  Also I love playing outside with Grandad and Grandma and Poppy too and sometimes we go for picnic and is so fun!

With Mummy I love to find conkers, with Poppy as well. 

I love splashing in puddles when it's wet outside in North Yorkshire Countryside with everyone in my wellies. 

I love finding new places with everyone in North Yorkshire Countryside. 

I love watching the snow fall like feathers falling out of the sky. 

I love going to the sea side because I love playing in the beautiful salty seas.  As well as going to castles, I just love going to new places that I have never been before fro example: Parks or motorbiking places. 

I'm going to a cave soon. (150 words just so you know !) 


  • EMMA

"I love North Yorkshire because it is peaceful and there are lots of things to do like walks, have picnic, go to the seaside, or go to the park...."




"...I love when the gigantic moon comes out into the night with Mercury, Venus, Mars and many other planets or stars around the moon. ... "



"... I love to see rabbits jumping like a Jack in the box... "



" Lots of people think the countryside is there bin and it makes it all scruffy when it was a beautiful place to sit and relax..."





"...The North Yorkshire countryside is one of many beautiful things that I have seen England and they don't call them areas of natural beauty for nothing.  Places like these are amazing to live and even though I don't know what our future will be, it will be beautiful."




"North Yorkshire is special to me because I have lived in it all my life and I have been all over it.  What is also special is all the coutryside that is well looked after so it is lovely and green..."



  • LOLA

"I love North Yorkshire, being outside, relaxing in the sunshine.  Staring into space at night is awesome on a clear night. 



  • SETH

"I love North Yorlshire because there is so much to do and you shouldn't get bored, you can go so many places that I can't even name..."



"North Yorkshire, it sounds like just a normal English District but if you've lived here as long as me you'll know it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Britain.  It sounds bias but it's true..."



I love Goathland!  It is beautiful there, its the one place I don't feel like a sheep.  It has astonishing scenery that surrounds its land.   It is a lovely open area, no fences,  barricades or walls to block other land off.   It is special to me because I feel free, there are free-range sheep about.  There are so friendly and mindful  Goathland is nowhere near as busy as places like York and Leeds. 

Heartbeat was film there.  They leave the police cars from the 1960's for the people to get a photo with,, to donate money or just to have a good look at it. 

There are many shops in Goathland, my favourite shop was on that had a lot of things from the 1950's ot the 1970's.   I found a police hat in the shop.  All the shops in Goathland are very unique and special.  From Goathland you can see lots of wild animals who enjoy being free. 

Goathland has a train station!  The train runs from Goathland to Pickering to Grosmont.  It was Adens field in Heartbeat, and it was named Hogsmead Station in Harry Potter.   It also has a wonderful waterfall called "Mallyan Spout which is a stunning place. 

There are not many houses in Goathland as wildlife runs it.  It is not busy but quiet to a certain standard.  We are so lucky to have such a remarkable place in North Yorkshire. 

There is a lovely smell of heather on the Moors.Cars in this area are going about slowly as they have sheep, humans and other natural beauty to watch out for. 

The wildlife in Goathland is incredibly popular.  There are many animals - Adders, the common Pheasants, foxes, hares, owls, some rare birds and Grouse.  They run this place crazy!

Goathland might not seem that far away to you but it depends where you live.  For people in North Yorkshire it's not to far but if you live anywhere else then it can be quiet far. 

There are some lovely places to stay in Goathland like the Beacon Guest House and Eighteen97 B&B Rooms.  One of my favourite is The Fairhaven County Guest House. Sheep love to roam around there. 

Historically known as Godelandia the area known as Goathland was gifted to Osmud the Priest and the brethren of the hermitage by King Henry 1.  The King granted this land in memory of the soul of his mother Queen Matilda as recorded in the Charter of 1109, which is held at Whitby Abbey.  

Goathland or Good Land or even Goda's Land is very popular tourist village situated in the North Yorkshire Moors.  It is 40 miles from York and just 9 miles away from Whitby.  Which makes wonderful moorland village, easy to get to and worth it.   You couldn't make this place any better.  So what are you waiting for, spread the word and enjoy yourself.  





"...I went to Wharfedale Bolton Abbey every night I sat up and watched the stars my favourite consellation os Cygnus the swan..."




"I think the country side is one of the best places to grow up because you get to see all the places that lots pf people never get to see like all the fields and picturesque hills that go on for miles and all the bright stars that shin like lanterns in the never-ending night sky..."



  • ELLA

"...One of the reasons North Yorkshire s special to me is the stunning countryside.  It is something that defies the image pure amazingness.   A green hill is by far a better way to spend the time than on a computer game or some other screen or other..."



  • ROSA

"North Yorkshire is like a dream land come to life it is as if it was built by magic...."



"I love North Yorkshire Country side because it's very beautiful and calm...."




"..With the golden fields, gorgeous grass and the magnificent sun rise and sun set."



"..I like the National Parks called the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales and the have outstanding views and absolute mind blowiing scenery..."




"Every road leads somewhere new and amazing"


Dalby Forest is an amazing place to visit you can go on dog walks.  There are all sorts of places to walk your dogs.  There is also a tree top nets and it's an amazing experience.   You can also go biking at Dalby Forest there are trails and other things that are awesome  At Dalby Forest you can eat there and you can even collect Christmas Trees and Christmas time.  You can do loads of awesome things.  You can also do star gazing and t is the most amazing experience. 

Peat Rigg was an amazing place to visit we did all sorts of things like walks, and you can even make things on the camp fire.   It was awesome.  I absolutely lived it.   Me and my friends enjoyed it so much and I wish I could have stayed there. It was the most fun experience I had experienced in a very long time.  It was a very nice place because the beds were as soft as clouds and I love sleeping with my friends and having a midnight feast. 

I love North Yorkshire because it is a fabulous place to live and grow up in.  Th country side is a very pretty place and I love it very much.   It is so special to me and it has everything you could ever want.  It has beautiful meadows and fun windy roads they lead to new wondrous places that have yet to be seen.   The sound of the bird-song in the morning are the loveliest thing to wake up to. 



  • JOE

"There is many reasons why North Yorkshire is special to me but these are the best, there islots of activites and many places to go to have fun, there are good scrabbling places to go..."



"One od the best things about North Yorkshire is most of the poeple are kind, also there are son many pleasant walks."


  • LEON

" I also love the mind blowing scenery..."





"North Yorkshire is sandwiched between beautiful moorland and the North Sea.."

Peat Rigg

At Peat Rigg we got to stroke and feed baby lambs, one of the lambs were called Oreo and all the other lambs were really cute too. 

When I wen to Peat Rigg we stayed for 1 night and 2 days.  For breakfast you could have a traditional English Breakfast, cereal, pancakes and toast with a choice of jam. 

At Peat Rigg we stayed in room with our friends.   

At Peat Rigg we had a really good time and I really recommend it. 



"I love North Yorkshire because the sun set shines brighter than the sun.  The wind shoots like a gun. The Trees sway loke waves roll over the sea. "

Peat Rigg. 

At Peat Rigg there is a dog called Stan.  He is a sheepdog.  He is so cute. 

We also got to feed the sheep, the sheep is called Oreo we got to feed and hold the lambs.  Oreo was so spotty he looked like Oreo crumbs where crumbled over him.

The room's had 2 bunk beds.  For one of the challenges we made pancakes. 



  • LILY

"One of my best memories was when I did the Castle Howard triathlon."



"I don't like being outside much, so I thought I'd write about what I like inside."




Thank you to all the children of Langton Primary.  



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