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St. Hedda's School Entries

Friday, 18 October 2019 12:26

Read the amazing stories by the "next generation" from St. Hedda's RC Primary School. 




"When I am in North Yorkshire countryside I feel at home and the place where i belong..."



" ... The fluffy sheep cover the fields like cotton buds.  They are heard from miles around like a farmyard firework display..."


  • ELLA

"The silky soft, soft , sandy beach, which stretches afar, makes my footsteps disappear as I leave.  Because of this, the wind doesn't hesitate to sweep the sand off its feet..."



"To me, the North Yorkshire countryside is calm and makes me feel speechless..."



  • CAVA

"..One blink of my eye is able to take my breath away with the crystal clear view..."



  • JAY

"..All the adventures keep me sting and happy..."




"If I ever had to leave, I would miss the openness, and I would find towns and cities to be boring because there aren't many places to run around and play..."




"Always remember to obey the countryside code to keep everything safe..."



"On the moors you can see fluffy white sheep eating tasty grass.."



Thank you to all the children of St. Hedda's. 





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