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Amotherby Primary School Entries

Tuesday, 22 October 2019 13:20

We have recieved an amzing total of 220 entires with some beautiful artwork and wonderful stories from the children of Amotherby Community Primary School.















  • EVIE




  • RORY


  • WILL




  • EMMY







  • NOAH







  • LEO




  • TOM







"My House"



  • LEO



  • JOSH
























"The sheep are like fluffy balls and I just want top hug them."


  • SAM

"There is nothing that I love more than North Yorkshire's wildlife and seeing all of the farm animlas..."



"North Yorkshire is the best county in the world because I love all the fun walks ans the amazing valley and the cute shops."


  • MAYA

"The Moors seems endless but they lead t the historic Abbeys and the legendary beaches, I love exploring because there is always so much to do..."


  • ISLA

"The Moors is my place to be with beautiful heather - completely unspoilt by humans - ..."



"In North Yorkshire you will never get bored..."

My North Yorkshire

Here in North Yorkshire have a wide range of activities, food and drinks.  In North Yorkshire you will never get bored.  We have alsorts for everyone, if you love shopping we have large malls, ans if your a giddy person, well run and jump all you want in Energi, Creepy Crawlies or Monk Park Farm.  It's your time, go ahead.  If you want to learn about the coast and countryside with all the animal, read on..

North Yorkshire Coast

In North Yorkshire the coast's are popular in the summer, but in Winter dogs love the sand ans the sea.  In the summer there are lots of people swimming, shouting, bathing and partying at the coast.  People also open shops at that time because the more goodies, the better time.   They also open restaurants because the beach is a fun place for friends to go.  They even open to die for fish an chips that fill your mouth with happiness and joy even on a rainy day.  In Winter dogs and there owners explore the sea. If you like peaceful places you should like the beach in winter.  But if you like lots of company you can go in Summer where it will be crazy. 

North Yorkshire Countryside

Welcome to our countryside. Here we have lots of views and animals here.  There are a few things to do and see in the countryside. You can look at the ancient ruins of chimneys and the Roman Roads.  You can even smell the sweet grass and you can hear the sheep in the distance.  There are many trails for people to walk, bike and scooter.  If you like quads and motorbikes, you can bring it there and let the wind take you away. 

We hope you come and we will see you soon.  These places are only a few I like about the great North Yorkshire, but don't forget to drink Yorkshire TEA!!  Made by us. 


  • Isabella

"Groovy Moo's, I could talk about it all day! "


  • ANNA

"The country side is beautiful in the morning, at night and in the day."


  • Gracie

"It is an experience of a lifetime... You have to come now!! It is amazing!!!"


  • Summer

"Take a trip through time to Victorians and learn how they lived...."



"Go tree climbing or find a good place to build a den. Climb a hill as big and as many as you can..."



"We have history and fun to entertain you.."



"We all raise money in North Yorkshire for our flowers to make it warm welcoming when you come and visit."


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