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Oakridge Community Primary School

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 08:23

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

We have recieved some amazing stories from the children of Oakridge Community Primary School. 


  •  Harvey

Whitby is good.  You can go on the beach ans see the lifeboat.  I like Whitby.


  • Riley

I like North Yorkshire beacuse the RNLI are so brave and they out in the rough sea.

I lke North Yorkshire because in Whitby there is a massive beach and Whitby is a massive town and I like North Yorkshire because you can learn tings about RNLI. 

I love North Yorkshire. 


  • Alesha

Whitby is a good place, you can see the sea and the boats.  You can see lots of shops. 

I like the sea and the docks best. 


  • Olivia

Whitby is in North Yorkshire. 

I like Whitby because it is fun.  There are two beaches and a big oark where you can play. 

Whitby has lots of shops and my favourite shop is the sweet shop. 

I love Whitby. 


  • Eddie

Whitby is in North Yorkshire.   The ancient ruins of Whitby Abbey is good because you can explore it and thats fun. 

I love Whitby beach because it is good. 

I love Whitby. 


  • Tommy

Whitby is a great place to visit because you meet lots of new friends. 

Whitby is very big. 

The lifeboat station in Whitby is very big because lots of people work there.  The boats are very big. 

You can eat scrumptious fish and chips. 


  • Bella

Whitby is a good place to visit.  There is a beach tp play on and you can see the boats and the Abbey. 


  • Isabella

Whitby is a good place to visit because you can see the peir. 

There  is an Abbey you can visit and a huge beach. 

You can ride a donkey there. 

I love Whitby. 


  • Isabelle

At Whitby there is a big lifeboat and you can go and see.  It is amazing. It is always there and there is a lifeboat museum. You sometimes get to go into it.   I went with my family and it was fun.   

I love Whitby because it has a sea and it is in North Yorkshire. 

Whitby is very big, there is a harbour and you can explore the Abbey. 

It is my favourite place. 


  • Lila

"You can fo to an amazing place in North Yorkshire..."


  • Maisy

"...People in other countries don't get any of the things we do.  Most of them have never seen the sea or even a cow..." 


  • Evie

 "The cows would moo as loud as they could.  I can hear them from the otherside of Yorkshire,"


  • Zack 

"The sky is blue like bubblegum ice-cream, clouds are like cotton candy and the sun is like a vanilla ice-cream"


  •  Cheyenne

"Between the sea and the sky, is green fields and grass.  The clouds are as fluffy as candy floss and the tree branches were sticking out like candy canes."


  • Porscha

"The food in North Yorkshire is outstanding..."



  •  Bethany

"The sea is mysterious place..."



  •  Regan

"Everywhere you look glorious green fields roll into each other like the softest blanket of wool."



  • Leon

"Every where you look will be soft, green grass and and the wonders of nature."


  • Noah

"...tell people about this place, share with all your friends as well... Please come to North Yorkshire and enjoy the wonders of North Yorkshire..."


  •  Aaron

"Below the heavenly clous is place called North Yorkshire..."



  • Ellie

"I love North Yorkshire do you?   You will love it trust me...."


  • Sam

"North Yorkshire is full of joy, love and most importantly wildlife, such as birds, beetles, bugs and more..."


  • Ella

"...lots of places for children to play like theme parks, water parks, musuems and zoos."


  •  Scott

" Go to North Yorkshire Moors you will see trees dancing in the wind..."


Thank you to all the children from Oakridge Primary. 





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