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Hovingham CofE Primary School

Friday, 15 November 2019 18:35

We have recieved some amazing stories from the children of Hovingham CofE Primary School.



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My North Yorkshire

I Like North Yorkshire because in summer the fields are like a golden carpet.  In Summer I like the dusty days because I can race around the dirt roads and paths. 

In Autumn I like the multi coloured leaves.  I like North Yorkshire because you can stomp around in the leaves. 


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Dalby Forest. 

"I put blue and green grass on my picture of Dalby Forest.  I like going to Dalby Foreat with my family and we have ice-cream at the park.   It is windy at Dalby Forest and the spider house might blow away"



  • Entry 22

Robin Hood's Bay

"This is the wavy sea with some thundery clouds and lightening.  I like about it that I go with my fmaily and there is a beach"


  • Entry 23


"I like the fact that it has a little sweetie shop at Thorton-le-Dale.  I like the bridge and I really definitely enjoy paddling in the stream.  It has a nice bakery with good sausage rolls."


  • Entry 24

Robib Hood's Bay

"This is my beach we go to with my mummy and daddy.  There is a big beach with seaweed on it.  I painted the seaweed in the sea.  There is a little crab on a rock in my picture"


  • Entry 25

Robin Hood's Bay

"I love Robin Hood's Bay because we can paddle in the sea.  I went with school.  The sea is cold and the sand is icy.  I love when we did the sand moulds.  I loved when we had our lunch. "


  • Entry 26


"I love to go Helmsley because I think its beautiful.  The town is awesome.  Sometimes I find little birds in the grass and the flowers are very pretty."


  • Entry 27

Dalby Forest

"I love to go to Dalby Forest with my mummy.  I went with my friend because we wanted to do the Gruffalo trial and to see the snake and the owl."


  • Entry 28

Robin Hood's Bay

"I love to go to Robin Hood's Bay because you can dig in the sand, you can find crabs"


  • Entry 29

Robin Hood's Bay

"I love Robin Hood's Bay because I swim in it with my mummy and daddy and my sister. And after we get and ice cream at the shops.  Before we go to the shops we get changed and I like building sand castles with my sister and once we found a pile of rocks and slippery seaweed and we have lots of fun times and at the end we go back to the car and drive home and when we get home we snugle together and light the fire and watch T.V and we fall asleep on the couch."


  • Entry 30

Yorkshire Lavender

"I love Yorkshire Lavender field because it is pretty and it is adventorous and it is fun.   It has loads of shops and it has a play park.  It has loads of lavendar.  It is beautiful."



  • Entry 31

North Yorkshire Moors

"I love going to the York Moors because when you get to the top, you can sit on the rock and it is beautiful.  I had a delicous yummy picnic.   Then we walked back to the car and the next day we went there again, and sat there, we saw mummy forget the picnic so we had to go back to the car. We had the picnic ar home,  and I had a lovely time. "


Thank you to all the children from Hovingham Primary.



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