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Saturday, 30 November 2019 19:47

Askwith Primary School

We have recieved some amazing stories from the children of Askwith Primary School. 


  • David


  • Elena


  • Aaron


  • Anon


  • Anon


  • Florence


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Friday, 15 November 2019 18:35

Hovingham CofE Primary School

We have recieved some amazing stories from the children of Hovingham CofE Primary School.


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My North Yorkshire

I Like North Yorkshire because in summer the fields are like a golden carpet.  In Summer I like the dusty days because I can race around the dirt roads and paths. 

In Autumn I like the multi coloured leaves.  I like North Yorkshire because you can stomp around in the leaves. 


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  • Entry 21

Dalby Forest. 

"I put blue and green grass on my picture of Dalby Forest.  I like going to Dalby Foreat with my family and we have ice-cream at the park.   It is windy at Dalby Forest and the spider house might blow away"



  • Entry 22

Robin Hood's Bay

"This is the wavy sea with some thundery clouds and lightening.  I like about it that I go with my fmaily and there is a beach"


  • Entry 23


"I like the fact that it has a little sweetie shop at Thorton-le-Dale.  I like the bridge and I really definitely enjoy paddling in the stream.  It has a nice bakery with good sausage rolls."


  • Entry 24

Robib Hood's Bay

"This is my beach we go to with my mummy and daddy.  There is a big beach with seaweed on it.  I painted the seaweed in the sea.  There is a little crab on a rock in my picture"


  • Entry 25

Robin Hood's Bay

"I love Robin Hood's Bay because we can paddle in the sea.  I went with school.  The sea is cold and the sand is icy.  I love when we did the sand moulds.  I loved when we had our lunch. "


  • Entry 26


"I love to go Helmsley because I think its beautiful.  The town is awesome.  Sometimes I find little birds in the grass and the flowers are very pretty."


  • Entry 27

Dalby Forest

"I love to go to Dalby Forest with my mummy.  I went with my friend because we wanted to do the Gruffalo trial and to see the snake and the owl."


  • Entry 28

Robin Hood's Bay

"I love to go to Robin Hood's Bay because you can dig in the sand, you can find crabs"


  • Entry 29

Robin Hood's Bay

"I love Robin Hood's Bay because I swim in it with my mummy and daddy and my sister. And after we get and ice cream at the shops.  Before we go to the shops we get changed and I like building sand castles with my sister and once we found a pile of rocks and slippery seaweed and we have lots of fun times and at the end we go back to the car and drive home and when we get home we snugle together and light the fire and watch T.V and we fall asleep on the couch."


  • Entry 30

Yorkshire Lavender

"I love Yorkshire Lavender field because it is pretty and it is adventorous and it is fun.   It has loads of shops and it has a play park.  It has loads of lavendar.  It is beautiful."



  • Entry 31

North Yorkshire Moors

"I love going to the York Moors because when you get to the top, you can sit on the rock and it is beautiful.  I had a delicous yummy picnic.   Then we walked back to the car and the next day we went there again, and sat there, we saw mummy forget the picnic so we had to go back to the car. We had the picnic ar home,  and I had a lovely time. "


Thank you to all the children from Hovingham Primary.



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Tuesday, 12 November 2019 08:23

Oakridge Community Primary School

We have recieved some amazing stories from the children of Oakridge Community Primary School. 


  •  Harvey

Whitby is good.  You can go on the beach ans see the lifeboat.  I like Whitby.


  • Riley

I like North Yorkshire beacuse the RNLI are so brave and they out in the rough sea.

I lke North Yorkshire because in Whitby there is a massive beach and Whitby is a massive town and I like North Yorkshire because you can learn tings about RNLI. 

I love North Yorkshire. 


  • Alesha

Whitby is a good place, you can see the sea and the boats.  You can see lots of shops. 

I like the sea and the docks best. 


  • Olivia

Whitby is in North Yorkshire. 

I like Whitby because it is fun.  There are two beaches and a big oark where you can play. 

Whitby has lots of shops and my favourite shop is the sweet shop. 

I love Whitby. 


  • Eddie

Whitby is in North Yorkshire.   The ancient ruins of Whitby Abbey is good because you can explore it and thats fun. 

I love Whitby beach because it is good. 

I love Whitby. 


  • Tommy

Whitby is a great place to visit because you meet lots of new friends. 

Whitby is very big. 

The lifeboat station in Whitby is very big because lots of people work there.  The boats are very big. 

You can eat scrumptious fish and chips. 


  • Bella

Whitby is a good place to visit.  There is a beach tp play on and you can see the boats and the Abbey. 


  • Isabella

Whitby is a good place to visit because you can see the peir. 

There  is an Abbey you can visit and a huge beach. 

You can ride a donkey there. 

I love Whitby. 


  • Isabelle

At Whitby there is a big lifeboat and you can go and see.  It is amazing. It is always there and there is a lifeboat museum. You sometimes get to go into it.   I went with my family and it was fun.   

I love Whitby because it has a sea and it is in North Yorkshire. 

Whitby is very big, there is a harbour and you can explore the Abbey. 

It is my favourite place. 


  • Lila

"You can fo to an amazing place in North Yorkshire..."


  • Maisy

"...People in other countries don't get any of the things we do.  Most of them have never seen the sea or even a cow..." 


  • Evie

 "The cows would moo as loud as they could.  I can hear them from the otherside of Yorkshire,"


  • Zack 

"The sky is blue like bubblegum ice-cream, clouds are like cotton candy and the sun is like a vanilla ice-cream"


  •  Cheyenne

"Between the sea and the sky, is green fields and grass.  The clouds are as fluffy as candy floss and the tree branches were sticking out like candy canes."


  • Porscha

"The food in North Yorkshire is outstanding..."



  •  Bethany

"The sea is mysterious place..."



  •  Regan

"Everywhere you look glorious green fields roll into each other like the softest blanket of wool."



  • Leon

"Every where you look will be soft, green grass and and the wonders of nature."


  • Noah

"...tell people about this place, share with all your friends as well... Please come to North Yorkshire and enjoy the wonders of North Yorkshire..."


  •  Aaron

"Below the heavenly clous is place called North Yorkshire..."



  • Ellie

"I love North Yorkshire do you?   You will love it trust me...."


  • Sam

"North Yorkshire is full of joy, love and most importantly wildlife, such as birds, beetles, bugs and more..."


  • Ella

"...lots of places for children to play like theme parks, water parks, musuems and zoos."


  •  Scott

" Go to North Yorkshire Moors you will see trees dancing in the wind..."


Thank you to all the children from Oakridge Primary. 





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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 13:20

Amotherby Primary School Entries

We have recieved an amzing total of 220 entires with some beautiful artwork and wonderful stories from the children of Amotherby Community Primary School.















  • EVIE




  • RORY


  • WILL




  • EMMY







  • NOAH







  • LEO




  • TOM







"My House"



  • LEO



  • JOSH
























"The sheep are like fluffy balls and I just want top hug them."


  • SAM

"There is nothing that I love more than North Yorkshire's wildlife and seeing all of the farm animlas..."



"North Yorkshire is the best county in the world because I love all the fun walks ans the amazing valley and the cute shops."


  • MAYA

"The Moors seems endless but they lead t the historic Abbeys and the legendary beaches, I love exploring because there is always so much to do..."


  • ISLA

"The Moors is my place to be with beautiful heather - completely unspoilt by humans - ..."



"In North Yorkshire you will never get bored..."

My North Yorkshire

Here in North Yorkshire have a wide range of activities, food and drinks.  In North Yorkshire you will never get bored.  We have alsorts for everyone, if you love shopping we have large malls, ans if your a giddy person, well run and jump all you want in Energi, Creepy Crawlies or Monk Park Farm.  It's your time, go ahead.  If you want to learn about the coast and countryside with all the animal, read on..

North Yorkshire Coast

In North Yorkshire the coast's are popular in the summer, but in Winter dogs love the sand ans the sea.  In the summer there are lots of people swimming, shouting, bathing and partying at the coast.  People also open shops at that time because the more goodies, the better time.   They also open restaurants because the beach is a fun place for friends to go.  They even open to die for fish an chips that fill your mouth with happiness and joy even on a rainy day.  In Winter dogs and there owners explore the sea. If you like peaceful places you should like the beach in winter.  But if you like lots of company you can go in Summer where it will be crazy. 

North Yorkshire Countryside

Welcome to our countryside. Here we have lots of views and animals here.  There are a few things to do and see in the countryside. You can look at the ancient ruins of chimneys and the Roman Roads.  You can even smell the sweet grass and you can hear the sheep in the distance.  There are many trails for people to walk, bike and scooter.  If you like quads and motorbikes, you can bring it there and let the wind take you away. 

We hope you come and we will see you soon.  These places are only a few I like about the great North Yorkshire, but don't forget to drink Yorkshire TEA!!  Made by us. 


  • Isabella

"Groovy Moo's, I could talk about it all day! "


  • ANNA

"The country side is beautiful in the morning, at night and in the day."


  • Gracie

"It is an experience of a lifetime... You have to come now!! It is amazing!!!"


  • Summer

"Take a trip through time to Victorians and learn how they lived...."



"Go tree climbing or find a good place to build a den. Climb a hill as big and as many as you can..."



"We have history and fun to entertain you.."



"We all raise money in North Yorkshire for our flowers to make it warm welcoming when you come and visit."


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Friday, 18 October 2019 12:26

St. Hedda's School Entries

Read the amazing stories by the "next generation" from St. Hedda's RC Primary School. 



"When I am in North Yorkshire countryside I feel at home and the place where i belong..."



" ... The fluffy sheep cover the fields like cotton buds.  They are heard from miles around like a farmyard firework display..."


  • ELLA

"The silky soft, soft , sandy beach, which stretches afar, makes my footsteps disappear as I leave.  Because of this, the wind doesn't hesitate to sweep the sand off its feet..."



"To me, the North Yorkshire countryside is calm and makes me feel speechless..."



  • CAVA

"..One blink of my eye is able to take my breath away with the crystal clear view..."



  • JAY

"..All the adventures keep me sting and happy..."




"If I ever had to leave, I would miss the openness, and I would find towns and cities to be boring because there aren't many places to run around and play..."




"Always remember to obey the countryside code to keep everything safe..."



"On the moors you can see fluffy white sheep eating tasty grass.."



Thank you to all the children of St. Hedda's. 





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Thursday, 17 October 2019 19:32

Helmsley Primary School Entries

We have recieved some amazing stories from the children of Helmsley Community Primary School. 



"... If you love ice cream, if you like going body boarding, if you like traditional ice-cream, then north Yorkshire is the place for you!"


The North Yorkshire Countryside

Imagine a seaside, If you like seeing dolphins play in the sea, if you like bodyboarding, if you like traditional Fish and chips then you must come to North Yorkshire .The North Yorkshire countryside is a wonderful place because I was born here. There are frisky, playful lambs in the spring, ripening crops in summer, fast, darting squirrels in the autumn and Christmas trees to cut down in the winter. There is lots of wildlife: wild rabbits, deer, cows, sheep and bulls can be found in the countryside.

Dalby forest

Dalby forest is a great place to go, especially go ape because you go on an Amazing zip wire plus a good playground. Dalby is a fabulous place for zip wires: over a mile of trees perfect for zip wires!

Blakey ridge

Blakey Ridge is a good pub to eat at, after a day in the countryside, you could Pre book a meal or come in without a booking, whatever the weather come in and have some food.


The seaside is a nice place to go in the summer, with great beaches and seas. It is ideal for surfing, fish and chips. The bright, beautiful shells with angry, furious crabs inside. Go and enjoy a trip to the oldest lifeboat in the world at Redcar or go to Gabrielle’s also in Redcar.


The most common type of animal is a dog or a cat because they are pets but there is one type of cat that swims! But there are more extraordinary, exotic and rare animals which are very hard to spot! There are buzzing, beautiful, busy bees, hard at work don’t disturb.


There are loads of great walks to do like climb Rosebery topping, captain cooks monument and more walks to do here!


The seaside is a bewitching place with good arcades, fish and chip shops and delicious ices wonderful to eat. Yum. Yum.

If you love ice cream, if you like going body boarding, if you like traditional ice-cream, then north Yorkshire is the place for you!



" Imagine a place with a lot of sun, where adventures come true, where fun begins and never ends: North Yorkshire is the place to be..."


Why I love north yorkshire

Watch the delightful, dancing, dazzling daffodils blowing and flowing across the stream. Enjoy staring at the blue, wonderful steam. In spring you might see a fluffy and happy lamb playing in the long, green grass. Helmsley is a wonderful place for adventure: You can explore the market and visit the crumbled, brilliant castle. Helmsley has great shops furthermore you can treat yourself with coffee and hot chocolate at the cafe.

If you like walking, if you like ice cream, if you like trains, then visit North Yorkshire. Autumn, a beautiful time of year when the leaves change colour, is the best time to take a trip on the steam train. It will take you on a delightful, enjoyable journey to Whitby.it will make your face light up.

Imagine a place with a lot of sun, where adventures come true, where fun begins and never ends: North Yorkshire is the place to be. Come and enjoy wonderful North Yorkshire.


There are a lot of cool things to learn, and a lot to know. The town is stepped in history: fishing, whaling, the jet industry, captain cook , glorious abbey.


If you looking for a relaxing break Hornsea is the ideal coastal hidaway, with its charming crystal, blue sea.


It is a place of wonder. Were dreams never end. Scarborough is the place to go. If you like speedboat, if you like living in a hotel, if you like candy floss, ice cream and more. Then come to Scarborough. It is your dream. All you’re your dreams are there. It will make your mind blown. There are 2p machines, claw machines, and many more. Its the time of your life. If your at home doing nothing then visit north Yorkshire. It will be sunny and fun. Faces will never stop smiling .The royal , blue sea with sandy yellow beach were sand castle are made. Scarborough is good because there horses to ride, inflatable ball to get in and roll about, speed boats to ride and so much more. Scarborough is the best place to be. If you sleep at Scarborough you can sleep inside a massive, terrific place. If you want to go on holiday then go to Scarborough. If you go to Scarborough there will be a sparkling , yellow, beaming sun. Visit Scarborough if you want to have the time of your life. So come to Scarborough. It is so fun that if you go to Scarborough your mind will be blown.


Animals are cute especially lambs.  Visit any zoo in the world.  It is the best place in the world. So please visit. 




"My favourite season in North Yorkshire is spring because of the beautiful bluebells, the dancing daffodils and creamy ice creams"


North Yorkshire Moors

Views and Walks

The well-viewed North Yorkshire Moors is well known for its views and walks. Near where I live is Duncombe Park which is a massive hill followed by streams and nature. Also the Duncombe house which is a colossal house made of the finest bricks, you’ll have to be the richest of the richest to own this house. It is a grand, luxurious house and is known by many people. The rest of Duncombe Park is full of amazing views/sights. Do you like walking? If so there is many other walks but I can’t name them all. There is the white horse walk, the horse is made of white rocks on a steep hill. There is many other walks that you should check out.


There are many animals in North Yorkshire such as horses, chickens, cows, and sheep (etc.) they normally belonged to farmers and probably found on fields if not then on acres of land which are kept private. Many horses come past my house, it’s like a routine and is normally early in the morning. I absolutely love to watch them trot outside my bedroom window, they are amazing, magnificent animals and I will always treat them with care. If you go in to the fabulous forests of North Yorkshire you might be able to see a deer, fox, pheasant and more, remember to not feed any of them or they might start to come for you!!!


My favourite season in North Yorkshire is spring because of the beautiful bluebells, the dancing daffodils and creamy ice creams. Autumn is also a great season for its stunning leaves and when they gracefully fall. Winter is the most fun but most freezing season. Do you like sledging on cold, crumbly, chalky snow which is as smooth as satin? Well if so come to North Yorkshire and sledge on bags of hay. Hold tight! Summer is by far the hottest season were you can go to the Helmsley outdoor pool and enjoy nice cold, icy water.


The most popular landmark near Helmsley is probably Rievaulx Abby, which is an old building. It used to be for monks and were they lived. Reivaulx Abby is a trivial but popular landmark: it is very old but really fascinating. I have been on a school trip and it is the best thing I have ever seen. It fits in of where it is and bring life to the stunning scenery. The most popular landmark in Helmsley is Helmsley Castle which is also a building that’s been there for decades and decades it does the same as Rievaulx Abby brings life to Helmsley and brings us all joy!

I Hope you check these things I’ve told you about. Come to North Yorkshire and you’ll have LOADS of fun!!!




"...Imagine a place where the lakes filled with jumping Olympic frogs, where you can canoe until your hearts are content, think of a place where there is endless activities to do. North Yorkshire is that place."


Why I love North Yorkshire

I love North Yorkshire because it is a world of wonder and you never know what beautiful landscape you are going to find.

I love going to Danby to walk around and go to the playground. A couple of weeks ago I went there to see some owls, giant African snails, tarantulas, cockroaches and finally some mice. There was some crafts and activities to do there. I dissected some owl pellets and found a full vole skull; it even had its jaw intact! If you love picnics, if you love animals, if you love nature walks, then come to Danby National Park Moors Centre.

On a night when I go to sleep, I can hear the owls in my backyard because behind my fence there is a row of thick trees and a farm behind it .There is rarely any barn owls but there is always tawny owls. Once I heard an owl in my backyard, I looked out the window and it was sitting on my fence! I got a torch and went outside I was careful to not frighten it or startle it. I went up to it and it was a Tawny owl. Owls, which hunt mice, have very good eyesight. They are one of my favourite animals.

The rocky, rugged, colossal hilltops are a magnificent type of landscape. The delightful dancing daffodils surround them whilst being embedded within the tall pine forest. The warming cosy satsuma-coloured fin leaves, cover the gorges squelchy moors giving it a pop of colour. You should collect some and make some beautiful autumn artwork.

Scarborough is a great place to see the majestic coastline: and watch the sunset cover the night sky. You can find lots of shells and all kinds of rocks in the golden – creamy coloured sand alone the rock face. And if you’re lucky you might even find a fossil.

The viviparous lizard is a tiny dinosaur like reptile. They are found in dry and warm corners, often on warm tree trunks or logs, in the late spring through to autumn. The give birth to live young unlike many other lizards which lay eggs. The Grey Seal is a coastal animal; the Latin name for these creatures is the “hooked-nosed sea pig”. Look out for them in a bay or on the coast tending to their young.

Imagine a place where the lakes filled with jumping Olympic frogs, where you can canoe until your hearts are content, think of a place where there is endless activities to do. North Yorkshire is that place.


  •  ESME

"...Imagine a place where the sand tickles your toes, where the sea never ends, well come to North Yorkshire."


I LOVE North Yorkshire because there are so many kind and happy people in North Yorkshire! In spring the flowers are bright, pretty and smell nice too. Delicate, dainty, dancing daffodils beside the rippling stream in Helmsley. The magical castle is a wonderful place to visit.

In summer at Scarborough on the beach the golden sand tickles and the light blue sea is perfect for body boarding and surfing with really good waves that. Pools ear fun with lots of happy people. There’s lots of swimming pools in North Yorkshire theres Thirsk, Ampleforth , Helmsley and lots more swimming pools.

In winter its very cold and everyone is wearing there wule hats scarf and gloves. When the snow cuvers the ground like a white blanket and we all make rile big snow bols.

When it is autumn the colourful leaves foall of the trees hedgehogs foxes and mor haybnat to.

If you like fish and chips, if you enjoy visiting posh hotels, then Scarborough is the place for you.

Imagine a place where the sand tickles your toes, where the sea never ends, well come to North Yorkshire.




"...You must pick ripe red strawberries and eat them with ice cream made in North Yorkshire..."


Why I love the North Yorkshire Countryside

I love that when you go outside you can walk anywhere because we live in the North Yorkshire countryside. It is an amazing place to explore with or without a dog. I live on the edge of the North York Moors so I can find great walks near my house and if you drive in a car there’s even more to discover.

I love the way every season changes the North Yorkshire countryside. In autumn I love the woods with the golden-brown leaves scattered across the ground and hedgehogs rustling beneath them. It is a great place to hunt for shiny-brown conkers and their spiked conker shells with silk inside.

In winter, you must go sledging down a thick snowy hill. Sometimes it is so cold that the puddles freeze, and you can jump on them and shatter the ice with a loud smash. You could go up Duncombe Park and choose a Christmas tree that has been grown in the North Yorkshire countryside instead of a fake one. You must go have fish and chips by the sea on a cold and wet day.

In the spring you could see bluebells in forests and daffodils sprouting and other flowers. You can go and see baby lambs in fields all around the countryside. The weather gets warmer and the days start to get longer. Bumblebees wake up and birds sing a morning song.in the spring there are beautiful buzzing busy bees pollinating flowers. Adders, which are small, are the only poisonous snake in North Yorkshire.  

Beaches are beautiful when the sun is out in summer, and kids are playing in the sea. I love having picnics on a warm sunny day. You must pick ripe red strawberries and eat them with ice cream made in North Yorkshire. I like going on bike rides in the warm weather and paddling in the streams. You can catch a fish in the warm sea or have a swim. The coastline of North Yorkshire is a beautiful place: it has amazing beaches filled with fossils to find in cliffs.

You can take your dog on walks and find old, ancient rivers in vast open forests. The nature in the moors is great furthermore, you could find fossils. In Dalby forest, there are walks that are long but very enjoyable. You can climb many trees. And after a long day you could go have an ice cream I recommend vanilla with a flake!

Imagine a place with lovely scenery, where the grass is green, where the animals roam free: in North Yorkshire, there is such a place. I love the North Yorkshire countryside and everything about it. I think we are very lucky to live here!




"..Over the moors is historic Helmsley and its magnificent castle that was built in 1186, but destroyed in the gruesome English Civil War..."


Cattel train station is a sleepy train station with lots of beautiful countryside surrounding it .The passengers get excited when they hear the rumbling and whistling of the train. They enjoy the smell of the luscious Yorkshire roses as they wait for their train .the manual level crossing few of its kind {did you know there’s only 5 left in the UK}

An hour away is the magnificent moors, personally I think Blakey ridge is best place on the moors. Blakey ridge is 90% heather and I love the rich purple heather when you lie in it .arthter dozing in the heather you may enjoy a lovely hearty meal at the pub

Over the moors is historic Helmsley and its magnificent castle that was built in 1186, but destroyed in the gruesome English Civil War. The castle stands crumbling and in a derelict state. In spring, you can smell the lovely daffodils that surround the castle. after gazing at the magnificent castle you must have a lovely milkshake at the castlegate tearoom .if you come in summer you can paddle in brobeck just across from castle gate tearoom. If you want to swim in Helmsley, you can go to our open-air pool {only available in summer}

An hour twenty minutes away in robin hoods bay with its narrow streets and a little beach. On the little beach is a mysterious causeway that leads out to sea. In addition, you can walk to Ravenscar that is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes away. If you come to Robin Hoods Bay in the winter, you can look up to the amazing snowy Ravenscar.

A bay away is Whitby where you should go a boat trip to see the sea sournding Whitby and river esk when you come back to dry land you can enjoy a meal of fish and chips at the magpie and a chocolate brownie sundae. You may also go to the beach, Dracula experience, and Whitby abbey.

20 minutes away is Dalby forest aka the great Yorkshire forest.it is great for children because it has a great adventure playground it is also great for walkers you will be amazed with massive variety of bridle ways and footpaths

50 miles away is hare wood house with its wonderful gardens.

This is my journey through Harwood house first I would have a play on the adventure playground then I would go to the chinse garden afterwards I would go to the summer garden with its fruits and vegetables

If you like ice cream if you like beautiful landscape if you love outstanding coastline come to north Yorkshire!



  • ANON

"...I love the coastlines and finding old naturally shaped fossils. Also the sound of the crashing waves hitting against the sea wall. .."


I love north Yorkshire because I was born here and I have lived here all my life. I live on a farm in the Yorkshire moors, which is fantastic because see and experience lots, of natural wonders.

On our farm we have buzzards, herons, barn owls, bats, game birds and hedge hogs. I am lucky enough to rear my own sheep, my favourites are Daffy and Rosie which I have shown at the Ryedale show. On the farm I travel on quad bikes and tractors sometimes with my dad sometimes without. In the Spring we get to see beautifully coloured bluebells and they smell terrific.

I also like travelling with my dad on trains and we have hundreds of miles of track to explore in north Yorkshire. I love the coastlines and finding old naturally shaped fossils. Also the sound of the crashing waves hitting against the sea wall. The sun set at dusk is beautifully coloured skies with a rose tint. In North Yorkshire there is a wide variety of places to visit including a place called Leeming Bar is an amazing place if you love walks, if you love trains, if you love scenery then come to Leeming Bar.

There are many walks to do in North Yorkshire including roseberry topping which myself my dad and my brother have all reach the very top of. 





Why I love North Yorkshire

I love the North Yorkshire countryside because in summer all the moors are purple.


  •  DAISY

"...The daffodils in Farndale are one of my second favourite sights. It is a sea of custard spreading over vast green hills there were loads of wild flowers and ancient trees..."

Why I love North Yorkshire

I have been to lots of places in England and I think North York is by far the best. There are lots of beautiful places and some of my favourites include the daffodils in Farndale and the waterfalls in Helmsley. Even though they are man-made they are absolutely beautiful the crystal clear water rushes down the rocks and looks astonishing. The daffodils in Farndale are one of my second favourite sights. It is a sea of custard spreading over vast green hills there were loads of wild flowers and ancient trees. Plus there was a tree that you could climb into. It had a small birds nest with little hatched sky blue eggs. It felt very enchanted and magical. It was as if you were in a cave with a mysterious voice echoing you. There were lots of wild flowers and garlic everywhere and most of the flowers were cornflowers.

The animals that live around here amazing. There are grouses rabbits pheasants cow’s horses and more I also love that can just roam around see: cows mooing; sheep barring; horses neighing; turkeys cock-a-doodle-doing; pigs snorting.

In north York I love the moors the moors have most of the animals furthermore it has bugs and flowers to. I think there is about 200,000 acres of land (maybe even more) filled with beautiful heather .heather is one of my favourite flowers around here. It is a purple Flower and this flower can make the whole moors purple. Year 3/4 Helmsley went on a school trip and I thought it was amazing. We learnt all about the moors and everything that happens there.

I really like the views in North Yorkshire because there everywhere. The outstanding things are all over everything and something is always happening there. It is the glory of the world yet the peace as well. It is a place for animals to roam around free

If you love going outside,

If you’re inspired by David Attenborough,

If you love picturesque views,

Then North Yorkshire is the place for you?





"...Northerners are noted for being more friendly and open that their southern counterparts. I think there is some truth in this..."


Why I love North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is the place where I was born. This is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. It is the biggest county in the UK by a long way.

I love North Yorkshire because, the people are nice kind and reliable . Everybody helps and supports each other. Northerners are noted for being more friendly and open that their southern counterparts. I think there is some truth in this. People are inclined to chat more and there is a slower pace of life here.

North Yorkshire has lots of wonderful landscapes to see. It has woods, beaches , sea, hills and lots more breathtaking places to see. There are also plenty of things to do and see and do for children. Personally I recommend Flamingo Land and any kind of animal farms which give you good experience. Most of everywhere there is a lot of animals and plants to see . You can also go birdwatching in Duncombe Park .North Yorkshire has many walking paths, people are coming from different places to explore the moors. We have vast expanses of landscape for walking , cycling or just enjoying the outdoors. The Yorkshire Moors and dales are amazing places to explore and when the tour de France came here in 2014 even the cyclists were surprised at how fabulous it was!

There is plenty of countryside pubs. The food is delicious and the drinks are refreshing. You can also enjoy your food whilst your eating your food to.



  • RYAN

"Lambs are always seen on the moors playing in the lush light purple heather on the beautiful moors"


Why I love north Yorkshire

Come and enjoy the beautiful Country side and have a wonderful day out in the wonderful hot sun!


There are many species for you to find: brown fluffy ducks, beautiful barn owls , spectacular squirrels ,fabulous fish , whistling woodpeckers pecking away high up in the trees. Watch out for anxious adders: adders can bite and you can die slowly.


Come and look around at the lush light purple heather and enjoy playing in the purple Heather on a very hot sunny days.


Streams are a very important to animals because animals go to streams to get a drink and some animals live in streams like fish and other types of animal some animals live in streams and some have habitus in the ocean blue streams.


The season’s spring, summer, autumn and winter. In autumn all of the leaves fall of the trees onto the ground and in the wind the leaves blow onto the paths and streets. On winter time most of the animals hibernate all winter long. In summer time all of the animals stop hibernate after winter time but some animals don’t stop hibernating.


Daffodils are a type of flowers that are seen in Helmsley a lot daffodils have green stems and yellow petals they normally seen at the side of rivers or streams and they are up hie street in Helmsley


Lambs are always seen on the moors playing in the lush light purple heather on the beautiful moors in north Yorkshire some time the lams are playing on the road and some of them get hit by cars and they lay down in light brown purple Heather.


Daffodils are seen in most of the woods in Helmsley and farn dale and they are seen at the side of rivers and up drunken park in Helmsley .


  • SETH

"The fabulous thing about the North Yorkshire countryside is that there’s lots of different types of views like moorland, coastal, forestry, streams and rolling hills."


Why I love North Yorkshire

Imagine a place where you can walk forever where the river flows where you can see all the beauty of England in one place there is such a county North Yorkshire.


If you go to Helmsley for your holidays you could visit the National centre for birds of prey. It is the winner of the best attraction in Yorkshire and the attraction near York. Helmsley castle, the castle was only 1.9 miles (3 km) from Rievaulx Abbey when first built.


There are some fantastic sights to see in North Yorkshire. The fabulous thing about the North Yorkshire countryside is that there’s lots of different types of views like moorland, coastal, forestry, streams and rolling hills. A great example of that is the view from the top of Sutton Bank which some people have said has greatest views in the country. At night in the North York Moors it’s really dark so you can see the beautiful stars very well and there is loads of them if you’re really lucky you may be able to see the Northern lights!


In Autumn, you can trek through the amazing forestry when all the leaves are vibrant and colourful ready to fall off. In Summer you can go fossil hunting. A really good place for fossil hunting is Robin Hoods Bay. In Winter, when it’s a freezing, snowy and frosty day, you could go sledging down a hill. In Spring you can go to the moors and bird watching.


Fantastic diverse wildlife including deer, grouse, pheasants, ferrets, minx, rabbit, stokes and a massive variety of birds. All the scenery and landscapes provide great habitats for the animals.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is the biggest county in England. Whitby is famous for its Goth festival, fish and chips, Whitby jet and views. The coastline look beautiful on a night because of its golden sunset in the horizon. We are so lucky to have lovely restaurants right on our doorstep for example, the Star, my favourite bar in the world, you must go there. Brilliant parks nearby like Castle Howard, Duncombe Park and Peasholm park and loads more. If you love stunning views, if you love scenery, if you love wildlife then North Yorkshire is the place for you.



"Just imagine a really sunny place with the best beaches and nice ice creams and fun for days."


What I love about North Yorkshire

Just imagine a really sunny place with the best beaches and nice ice creams and fun for days.

If you like enjoy playing in the water,

If you like building sandcastles,

Then North Yorkshire is the place                                                                                          

You should go to Dalby Forest, because you will love the bike rides lots of twist and turns and bumps sometimes if you’re an adult you like doing the black root but you will have to train a lot. The play bit is ok but only if you bring a football and because there is already a football goal there at the moment only if it’s not raining and there is a rope what you can swing on it is fun but a bit sketchy because it’s got shallow water but I think you still might like it because it’s really fun and you can go on the over side but you will find it hard to get back. Sutton Bank has an outstanding view and the walk is really big. But snakes which are dangerous, even though there hard to find and there is loads of snake holes but don’t worry they only come out at night. And there is so much gliders and you can see Roseberry topping from there it is really nice view and there is really good dog walks your dog would be hoofing and puffing when you get back. It goas on FOR MILES. The beach is an amazing place were its always sunny when it decides to and there is a really big walk right across the beach there is so much fun to have and you will like this really nice place where you can have fish and chips and if your lucky you might get really nice pudding.



"The thing I love about the most about North Yorkshire is the Towns and Villages because there are open spaces where you can play with your friends and go to the local park together."


What I love about North Yorkshire

Imagine a place where the sea is always flowing, where battles never happen, where the moors are calm: the North Yorkshire countryside has everything. I love North Yorkshire because I have lived here for most of my life and my family live here as well after moving from Liverpool.

The thing I love about the most about North Yorkshire is the Towns and Villages because there are open spaces where you can play with your friends and go to the local park together. I live right outside the North York Moors National Park in a town called Helmsley. Here we have moorland, heather and open spaces. The towns and villages are very nice: they have fabulous shops and museums which tell the history of the place.

In Whitby there is an historical Abbey to visit which is very near to the sea. The seaside is very nice because in Scarborough you must get waffles on the beach and eat them but you have to be careful because the seagulls might get them. At the seaside there is yummy fishcake especially at Whitby and you should catch crabs in the river and lots of other stuff. You can find old, ancient castles in a vast, open space.

There is the greatest view in England at Sutton Bank where you can see a lot of land and structures that’s why it is the greatest view in England. At Sutton Bank you can go on lots of different bike rides going to different places. You can see a pond and some wildlife like butterflies at the end of one of the walks. The beautiful brand-new busy River Rye at Helmsley is a brilliant river for walking in because it is not very deep. All the footpaths are the best for a morning walk, furthermore there is lots of wildlife. Flowers, which are a very common plant, are found in the beautiful North Yorkshire Countryside.

The pubs in North Yorkshire have very nice food like the one at Blakey Ridge the food is Baked Beans, Sausages and Mash. I also like the food from Yorkshire like Yorkshire Puddings. There is lots of farms in North Yorkshire which keep Sheep and Cows and lots of open fields.

In the Winter[ when it is snowing] the North Yorkshire countryside is pretty much full of snow and also there is lots of mountains in the area which are great for sledging! In Spring the countryside is at its finest because you get to see all the flowers shooting up and the sun. In Autumn you can see all the leaves falling off the trees getting ready for the winter. And in Summer it is not dark until like 10:00 at night which is really good because you get to play longer. Imagine a place where the sea is always flowing, where battles never happen, where the moors are calm: in the North York Moors Countryside there is everything.



"Imagine a place where there is an endless variety of wildlife, where you can do loads of activities..."


What I love about North Yorkshire

Imagine a place where there is an endless variety of wildlife, where you can do loads of activities such as biking, or explore the sunniest beaches dotted around the North Yorkshire countryside. do you like adders, do you like an endless variety of wildlife, if you do this is the place for you!

In the spring, the fern comes out and at the top of the plant it curls up and it is quite a sight. Because of the lovely countryside, there is a lot of peaceful walks you can do, with perfect spots to have a well-deserved picnic, and watch your children enjoy paddling in a stream nearby.

In the summer, the lovely purple heather comes out and the moors is coated with amethyst sea. Hutton-Le-Hole, has an excellent view of rolling hills and the dense woodland, home to animals such as: deer, badgers and woodpeckers. In the summer is the best time to go to the beach as it is quite sunny and warm; Scarborough is the best place to go because the sand is like a silky yellow carpet, the waves break into a lovely.

In Autumn, you can watch the crisp leaves turning from olive to amber. At night minute bats fly about, catching flies, making lovely squeaky noises. Because the leaves change colour, and the leaves fall gracefully off the trees, our back garden is an autumn sensation. Most of the time in autumn it is great to have an apple crumble and a cup of cocoa, what a treat!

In Winter, we like to relax and watch the snow fall down the window. Normally we go outside; out on a nice peaceful walk, out in a forest. The cliffs are covered with a chalky sea it is really beautiful. Because there are a lot of fords so if you enjoy driving through water then you should drive up today!                              

As well there is a pile of places to visit including: Thirsk (the home of James Herriot), Ampleforth a lovely village, Kirkbymoorside a beautiful place, Helmsley a place that has lovely daffodils and Farndale extremely famous for its daffodils.

So, are you going to drive down this week?


  • SEB

"Helmsley is a good place to live because there is a lot of good parks"

Why I like North Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a good place because there is a beach at Whitby and Scarborough. Sandy and rocky, the waves crash on the shore leaving sea foam and shells behind.

Primroses valley is a holiday place (Havens). It’s a nice place to get away from computer games and Nintendo switch. Outside I played wack a day and it was a wacky day!

In Helmsley there is a nice ice cream shop. Mint choc chip is my favourite ice cream. Helmsley is a good place to live because there is a lot of good parks!

In North Yorkshire there is a place called Dalby forest there are a lot of trees you can climb. In autumn the river is cold: I made a really cool bridge with stones and logs. When the river is shallow you can swing on a rope and jump in.

Slithering, sliding, slurping adders come out of Adder Rock at the Bride stones. The Bride stones are sandstone rocks that are mouldy and grey: snakes live in them. Trains are cool when whiles goes choo choo. They go fast because there have coal.

To run them and get all the passengers to their desternaison at York train stain

Fossils are cool and all. in Yorkshire is a good plays to get fossils in Whitby, scarbrore that’s it for the beaches.

In the winter you can go to Sheffield arena to and sing for the school you are in.  

Yorkshire is a good plays to go swimming because there is a lot of swimming pool like Helmsley,Pickerring and Thirsk.

In Yorkshire there is lots of parks in Helmsley and a lot of other place.

There are sum fish and chip shops in North Yorkshire, Kirby, Helmsley, scarbroue, York to.

Fish and chips are nice with salt and vinegar.




"If you enjoy going on long, scenic walks, if you love the woodland full of it’s outstanding colour, if you enjoy nature at it’s finest, then North Yorkshire is the place for you."


Why I Love North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is the largest county in England, ranging from bleak, rugged, windswept landscape. From the Yorkshire Moors to picturesque hills, valleys and rivers of North Yorkshire. Imagine a place where wildlife thrives roaming across the seductive wilderness, where towering trees climb higher and higher, where hills roll of the all inspiring North Yorkshire.


March heralds the start of Spring, warming temperature and lengthening days; more daylight hours for getting out in the North Yorkshire Moors. With Winter behind us, lift your spirits in the stunning countryside. Nature bursts into life shaking off it’s Winter coat bringing wild daffodils, bluebells, birds and bees. Ribberting frogs, croaking toads and elusive adders all start to emerge from their winter hibernating destinations. Mad March hares are very energetic at this time of year when the bucks and does start sparring ( sparring is a courtship behaviour ). In my opinion there’s nothing better than seeing the first lambs galloping in the olive-green fields.


Summer really kicks off in June and soon is in full swing. In early Summer you tend to see late breeders such as deer. Elderly oak, irresistible ash and unbelievable beech trees are all at the point when they’re full of luscious leaves. Whales and porpoises are a very common sites at this time of year around our varied coastline. The rainbow spectrum of colours of the beautiful wildflowers fill our majestic meadows with life. The attractive, spikey bell heather spreads across the breath-taking, unmissable moors.


Seasons are changing furthermore autumn is rolling in. Chestnut-brown, moss-green leaves all scrunch as their stepped on by stomping welly boots. The crisp crunch of Autumn leaves is one of my favourite sounds of nature. The woodland is a place of natural beauty: it’s home to wild garlic; flowers; fern plants; trees; great spotted woodpeckers; red squirrels; hedgehogs; badgers; foxes; owls and insects. Sadly swallows and swifts all start to migrate back to Africa. Hedgehogs will start going into a deep sleep called hibernation which means they sleep all Winter. Autumn is a crucial time as deer go into rut ( Rut is a certain behaviour when the stags fight over females).


Darkening evenings become a playground for nocturnal animals such as: parliaments of owls and boisterous badgers. Bare trees make our country feel magical as we are carpeted with white, twinkling snow. Bullfinches have flaming red or orange breasts at this time of year, trust me it’s stunning site. Winter maybe still be holding it’s grip but Spring is around the corner.

If you enjoy going on long, scenic walks, if you love the woodland full of it’s outstanding colour, if you enjoy nature at it’s finest, then North Yorkshire is the place for you. Well that’s what’s special to me about North Yorkshire and I hope we appreciate our seasons more. It’s not exactly a secret, but it is a surprise to some – North Yorkshire is a spectacular place!




"If you love long relaxing walks. If you love little lambs, if you love scenic views from the top of rolling hills then take a step into North Yorkshire."

Why I love North Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the biggest county in England. It is truly magnificent.

In its Country side there are dozens of exciting walks or tracks for cyclists including a shorter walk to what some people have called the best view in Britain. I can’t start to describe how breath-taking the picturesque valley views are.

With these amazing views brings endless wildlife, which I love watching on mornings, scattered around you’ll see them every where you go. In summer you’re bound to find butterflies gliding through the air like ballet dancers and in spring it’s bird galore.

North Yorkshire is home to many of the 165+ species of birds of prey, and has displays dotted around on the map (I personally like the Duncombe Park one as the café is excellent.) These demonstrations are only few of the many shown around North Yorkshire that help children and adults interact with wildlife.

Other than birds of prey, there are a lot of other fun things to do ranging from agricultural shows to markets to beaches for all the family. After all this excitement you’ll be extremely hungry and there’s no better place to go then Millers fish and chip shop Haxby (voted best chip shop via internet.) Trust me they are lovely!

A little further away is another place I love to go: the seaside. The coastline is vast and wonderful: it has rugged cliffs; supreme sandy beaches; rippling waters; and beautiful birds. Every time I think of the beach I think of ice-cream and sand filling my toes but the natural beauties are what makes most amazing. You must visit the sea; the waves are like galloping horses; the air is fresh and salty; the vibe is bright and happy.

The towns are excellent, furthermore they have markets weekly with the finest delicacies and clothes. The small shops, which line the streets, are packed with souvenirs that can only be found in North Yorkshire. The grass in these towns is covered in has mass upon mass of flowers which really brighten the place up.

If you love long relaxing walks. If you love little lambs, if you love scenic views from the top of rolling hills then take a step into North Yorkshire.

Imagine a place where wildlife thrives, where flowers grow and rivers wind:

This place you think of is North Yorkshire. Come visit us if you want to.

I love North Yorkshire and you will to!

If you don’t come you’re missing out immensely. (So you ought to come)




"The wildness and the fun: this is why I love the North Yorkshire countryside."


When all the boxes were packed, when all the lights were off, when the lorry was fully loaded, we set off. On the roads, past the tower blocks, down the high street and away from the city. 4 hours motorway, streets and A-roads, then… A whole new world!

The rugged, wild and windy moors glow a bright, tantalising purple as the heather elegantly dances in the beautiful breeze and the sheep run happy and free. The long, emerald green grass whistles a pretty tune while, to your surprise, you are swept off your feet by the strong, powerful and almighty wind. A smile plastered on your face; North Yorkshire’s moors are truly stunning, furthermore they are classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty! Meanwhile, by the coast a wave crashes up against the hard stone walls as people lick their lovely lollipops and others tear off pieces of pale pink and pretty candyfloss, they squeal in utter delight as it melts in their mouth; but, what was that? ‘Crunch, crunch, crunch!’ Of course it is the sound of hard, tasty rock being enjoyed! Cute pooches patrol the rocky, untamed coastline with the noisy, thieving seagulls loudly shrieking.

The wildness and the fun: this is why I love the North Yorkshire countryside.

Peaceful, tranquil villages nestled amongst the great, green rolling hills; their small communities as cheerful as can be. Old cottages, which always have a story to tell, line the cobbled streets, history oozing from their walls. Suddenly, from behind the trees appears the pulchritudinous Rievaulx Abbey! Rievaulx is a dazzling, derelict old abbey: the setting sun illuminates this divine place as the grass is lovingly nibbled at by the sheep admiring the ancient, weathered stone walls. This charming, calm and centuries old building delights many onlookers, who are enthralled by the view.

The peacefulness, the history and the beauty: this is why I love the North Yorkshire countryside.

The picturesque dales, the chugging steam train making its way slowly down the steel tracks and the magnificent stately homes; the beautiful scenes make and artist’s canvas come to life. The sheer beauty: this is why I love the North Yorkshire Countryside. The North Yorkshire countryside mesmerises and captures the hearts of thousands of people; my heart has been caught by this utterly breath taking place. If I had not seen the moors and the coast, if I had not visited the harmonious villages, if I hadn’t moved to this splendid county, then I would never have been able to define wildness, fun, peacefulness, history or beauty. Imagine a place where everyone is friendly, where there is a wildlife paradise outside your front door, where you can witness Britain at its beautiful best – this place is North Yorkshire, the place I love. My heart will forever live in North Yorkshire. They say home is where the heart is and that is certainly true.

This is why I love the North Yorkshire Countryside.




"...the climate is changing, whether you like it or not and even though you might not know it, our careless ways and our thoughtless actions are leading to current and predicted trouble for wildlife, animals and the world itself. If you don’t want are world to go to waste for us and future generations, then join CPRE in Campaigning to Protect Rural England and help do all you can to preserve nature..."


Why I Love North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire, an area of outstanding natural beauty, home to a wide range of habitats to fit the large variety of animals that live there.

Heather dominates The North York Moors National Park, a picturesque, area of moorland covering North Yorkshire, giving a vast, natural environment for both winged and land animals. Our only venomous snake in the United Kingdom, the shy adder can be spotted basking in the sun in woodlands and heathlands (moorland,) lying on smooth rocks or on the edge of pathways on walks. Talking of walks, my personal preference when out in the moors is watching birds of prey. Some birds you will see on your moorland encounter are: The Merlin, this small fast flying birds is a type of Falcon, the UK’s smallest Raptor, males have a blueish grey back and tail, and a cream chest. Females have a brown back with stripes across the tail; Lapwings are easy to spot, with shiny green feathers on top, large black and white wings and a wispy green crest on top of the head. When a male is attracting a female, he does a superb display of diving, twisting and turning in the air.

Explore coastline and rocky, craggy cliffs as you enter the pristine beaches of North Yorkshire! Some beaches I personally love) are: Scarborough, is one of the UK's top seaside resorts and it's easy to see why. Whatever your idea of a good day out at the seaside is, you're going to find what you're looking for in this vibrant Yorkshire town; Whitby Beach offers something for everyone. Topaz, rippling, hypnotic waters for those who like a paddle. Fascinating rock pools for those interested in the local marine life. Spectacular cliffs steeped in geological history for the visiting explorers and clean sandy beaches for those who just like to relax on rustic, copper, bronze sands.

But the climate is changing, whether you like it or not and even though you might not know it, our careless ways and our thoughtless actions are leading to current and predicted trouble for wildlife, animals and the world itself. If you don’t want are world to go to waste for us and future generations, then join CPRE in Campaigning to Protect Rural England and help do all you can to preserve nature. It doesn’t have to be something massive and amazing, just the smallest things like: leaving some wildflowers left in your garden for Bees; Getting some bird boxes or feeders; Making a small shelter in a corner of your garden, that could save a hedgehogs life, all these thing that could disappear and go extinct if we keep going in the same direction we’re going, could be saved by the smallest choices you can make, that will have the biggest impact on saving wildlife, for North Yorkshire and the world.

North Yorkshire, an area of outstanding natural beauty, I do hope it’s still there for generations to come.




"Imagine a place where there are beautiful landscapes, where there are no wars, where there are rare plants. Well you don’t have to, just come to North Yorkshire"


Why I Love North Yorkshire

The thing I love about North Yorkshire is agriculture because I love being with animals and I like seeing the fields full of crops. Also since I live on a farm I get to do stuff other kids can’t do like: quad biking; and learning how to lamb a sheep. My family and I are always very busy because of the different things on the farming calendar like:

In Springtime

  • Lambing: first we gather the ewes up and put them either in a shed or move them to a different field away from the tups also we feed them what they need to have a good healthy lamb then they start lambing so we have to watch them or intervene then we turn them out into the field then tail so they don’t have long tails also we tag them and scan them so we know their birth details
  • Calving: is basically lambing but with cows or bulls


  • Shearing: taking the wool off so that they don’t overheat, to sell and to stop them getting maggots
  • Harvesting: picking up crops using a combine or a harvester
  • Silaging: is where you cut the grass then tedder it so that it is dry then you rake it into columns then the baler bales it up into bales
  • Sheep showering / dipping: sheep showering is where you put sheep in a special trailer and then turn a jet on which sprays them with chemical to stop them getting scab and fly strike. Dipping is where you push the sheep into a long, thin tank (bath) full of chemical like the sheep shower but you have to push their heads in with something like a crook and with that item you can also pull the sheep back
  • Weaning lambs: weaning lambs is where you take the lambs away from their mothers and they can both be quite loud


  • Tupping: tupping is where you put the tups in with the ewes and then changing their raddles, which mark the ewes bums so we know who’s going to lamb and when
  • Weaning calves: weaning calves is where you take away the calves from their mothers and both of them are quite loud
  • Selling: selling is where you sell the sheep which you don’t need but you sell them in Guineas which are one pound and five pence
  • Drilling: drilling is where you put seeds into a big tank and then the seeds go through pipes into the ground


  • Feeding: giving ewes enough energy so they can lamb easily and they can be fed by a bag, snacker which goes on the back of a quadbike and drops groups of nuts, the last one is feeding them fodder beet, so we plant fodder beet then we move an electric fence on every day
  • Bedding up: putting another layer of straw on

Imagine a place where there are beautiful landscapes, where there are no wars, where there are rare plants. Well you don’t have to, just come to North Yorkshire. Here are some places I like about North Yorkshire: big, busy, bustling shows like Ryedale show and the great Yorkshire show; the green, flowery meadows with lambs skipping in them; the lovely moors, which have the biggest variety of nature, which are controlled by gamekeepers and farmers; Whitby is a great beach furthermore it has the best fossils. If you like walks by rivers, if you like the coast, if you like seeing wildlife at Its finest then come to North Yorkshire.




"I love North Yorkshire because there are so many wonderful places and amazing things to see..."


Why I love North Yorkshire

I love North Yorkshire because there are so many wonderful places and amazing things to see, such as Dalby Forest, Rievaulx Abbey or just a picturesque walk along the magnificent moors.


If you walk around on the dewed fields of Duncombe Park, you can hear the birds tweeting along around you. By the river bed, the sunshine-yellow daffodils stand up taking in the mild fresh air. Normally, you get hares and rabbits in the grassy green fields over looking the over grown hedges.



"North Yorkshire is a great place to visit because it is full of beaches, trees, moors and lots of other wildlife related things."


Why I love North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is a great place to visit because it is full of beaches, trees, moors and lots of other wildlife related things.


The coast is a very beautiful part of North Yorkshire. The sand is more soft and golden than any other beaches sand. You can make sand castles, you can get ice cream from an ice cream van and you can even dive into the deep, blue ocean. If you look very carefully you might even find a fossil.

The Moors

The moors are full of animal habitants the birds include: The Red Grouse, who can camouflage in the heather; the Red Kite, who have spiked tails; And Curlews, who have curled beaks. The heather is beautifully purple and sways gracefully in the gentle breeze.



  • Mateusz

"My favourite village is Helmsley in North Yorkshire..."


Why I love North Yorkshire

My favourite village is Helmsley in North Yorkshire because I have my school there I sometimes like climbing the trees that are easy to climb.

I liked going to Rievaulx Abbey there were a lot of rocks I liked to climb on there was a workshop where you could buy gifts from the abbey. There was a couple of buildings that I was excited to go in. The buildings were really high, there was a place where they read books and buried peoples body when they did which is in the middle on the grass.

In North Yorkshire at York me and my family sometimes we go to the cinema to watch cool movies and films, sometimes we go to Tenpin. And at Tenpin you can go bowling and you can go on arcades which are really cool.

Once me and my family went to Whitby beach. The beach is a beautiful place: it has warm water in the sea. I tried to build a big sand castle and awesomely big holes, the sand was shiny, gold and under the sand was a dark blue rock. After that I went on a boat and had a swim in it, it was really good on the boat we went on the bright, blue, shiny sea. And I got a bit hit by the water.

Once with my school I went to the North York Moors we were shown how to trap weasels. The traps were under rocks and had fake eggs to get them and one of them just lied on the rock wall. We saw the police to. We talked to the police about what they need to go for action. We had something to do as well we had a quest someone stole something and we had to say what the person was wearing. After that we went to the fireman and we talked about what people need for bad things not to happen and after that we talked about what bad things happened to people. We learned about some birds we got a sheet about a bird and we had different parts of birds and tried to make one that has sense to the sheet. In summer at Helmsley you can go to the swimming pool or you can go to the river you can throw rocks in the river as well.




"The north Yorkshire countryside is full of hidden ruins great for all the family"


Why I love North Yorkshire


The North Yorkshire countryside is full of amazing old castles that are great fun to explore. They have high stone walls and exciting tunnels and passageways to get lost in. In North Yorkshire countryside there are some impressive Abbeys. They have some beautiful architecture. And some of the Abbeys are over five-thousand years old. The north Yorkshire countryside is full of hidden ruins great for all the family. With open spaces for kids to run around and amazing facts for adult to take in.


I love the rolling hills they are great fun to go sledging in the snow. North Yorkshire has loads of steep hills. I also like to take bags full of hay to sledge on as they go much faster down hills. I love the North York moors because I like to do long walks along the road and across the rugged moorland. I also like the traditional pubs along the moor. I also like the birds blending in to the heather. I like the twisted, turning streams that glide through the green vegetation. They are so much fun to play in on warm sunny day. They have secret islands in the middle to explore and discover.


North Yorkshire forest are full of enormous trees. There are fun attraction like go ape that are found in the very tops of these ancient trees, provided the most fun family days out. The forest walks take you on an adventure through the forest’s floor. The winding roads that pass through the Yorkshire dales take you back in time, through the old fashioned farmyards and across the cattle grids. The gated roads are fun as I take turns with my siblings to get out to open the gates.


The beautiful Yorkshire beaches with their golden sands and crazing waves are stunning. They have impressive rock lifts that create perfect little bays with lovely old fashioned fishing villages. All so you could go to one off the great shows like the Yorkshire show in Harrogate or the Ryedale in Kirkbymoorside. With loads of entertainment and loads of stalls. And at the Yorkshire show there is loads of shearing competitions. If you like facts then come to one off the museums. Like the Ryedale folk museum or Eden camp full off facts from the Stone Age all the way to world war two. They both have an open space for kids to run around in.



"Scarborough, which has good fish and chips, is a really great place to visit in North Yorkshire..."


Why I love the North Yorkshire countryside

Blakey Ridge

Blakey Ridge is a very nice place: it has a very large, good public house. Also, I sometimes go to the building there. When I used to go to moorland day I found it quite interesting. One time, there was a dog called Floss. Sometimes I go to the building there to mostly have the same delicious burger.


Scarborough, which has good fish and chips, is a really great place to visit in North Yorkshire. You must go there because it has stunning beaches and delicious fish and chips. You can also get ice creams there and go shopping in supermarkets. Also, you must go to Scarborough castle because you can explore its past and walk in the long grass.

Dalby forest

Although I don’t go there a lot now, I used to go there a lot in the past. When I did go there, there was bike trails, cafes, car parks and more. Dalby forest is great, furthermore it has good bike trails.

Danby lodge

When I go to Danby, there’s so much to do. There is a forest and there is also a building. In the building there are facilities and a museum that you might want to explore. In the large, lush forest there are tall, slim trees.

Hutton-le- hole

Although it’s quite a small place, it takes one afternoon to explore. There’s some natural features such as the beck, which I’ve been in before. There’s also man made features such as Ryedale folk museum, which I‘ve been three before. Once was on a school trip and twice with my parents.

Also there is some animals and it explores history in Ryedale.



"We must be the luckiest people in the world to live among this stunning scenery."


Why love North Yorkshire

Yorkshire is an incredible place, full of mystery and intrigue, but North Yorkshire is special, who knows how to describe the unique tapestries of fantastic fields, (of all colours) tremendous spaces, magnificent houses, stately homes and the most exhilarating coastlines in the world .We must be the luckiest people in the world to live among this stunning scenery.

The autumn is an incredible season here: it has got an overwhelming charm. You can see an array of colours up high in the trees, it looks spectacular (all the oranges and reds really bring out the best views of our fantastic forests). If you are lucky you might see an incredibly illusive king fisher with a bewitchingly bright breast hiding in the trees.

North Yorkshire isn’t just beautiful in autumn, oh no, in the freezing-cold winter, the bitterness does not matter. All you have to do is take a look at our snowy north moors to warm the cockles of your heart. All winter they are huge mounds of crisp white snow. It would look even better if you saw the sun slowly rising above them!

In the spring and summer, flowers bloom contently. In Helmsley, a quaint little market town, bright blinding yellow daffodils start to sprout by the river and young crocuses come back from the dead! It would look even better with the sun out.

It always amazes me that the sky blends in with the sea but here the sky meets the sea and it just makes our coastline a little more special. We have (and always will) the richest beaches in England, from our fantastic fossils to our silvery sand, even our chalky cliffs are special. If you look closely you could find an amazing ammonite or a fossilised fern!

Our Yorkshire dales are great for long walks and being at one with nature. You can see many rare animals of all shapes and sizes, like the super smooth snake or a brilliant black adder. A few years ago the tour de France came to the dales (because they heard how beautiful it is) so it has become more popular among tourists and why wouldn’t they want to come here? The iconic stone walls and mountainous regions make it an incredible, unique place for all ages to enjoy! Personally I like the lime stone pavements that honeycomb through the valleys.

Dalby forest is a great space, you can cycle, walk and swing on the high ropes. Sometimes you can go to a concert at night, you can enjoy the music in the great outdoors.

If you want to stay somewhere in a town instead of the middle of the beautiful country, we have a wide range of choice from Thirsk to Malton, York to Harrogate (my personal favourite) but why would you want to when you have got all of this wide open space.

So come to North Yorkshire if you want to be amazed!


  • ZAK

"The scenery is amazing at the moors the lush green grass is jewelled when it rains..."


The North Yorkshire is an amazing place because you could go to the beautiful quiet moors. The noisy birds are tweeting and flying in the ocean blue sky. If you go to a river you might see a king fisher catching fish and fly away. The birds gliding in the sky like an eagle.

The rivers are flowing like a ribbon dancing. You can go to Duncombe Park and visit a river near their as it dances and the fish swim through the flowing sky blue river. You could go fishing near rivers when it’s warm

The scenery is amazing at the moors the lush green grass is jewelled when it rains, in the heather you could find grouse in their home. You could find conker trees near high street close the river and have a picnic around all the daisy’s and daffodils.

In winter you can bring a sled and slide down hills and build massive snow balls and roll them down the hills or build a snow man. You could roll on your side down the hills and have snow ball fights. You could feel the icy fence covered with soft fluffy snow.

In Summer, you could go to the sea and have fun on the sandy golden beach. At sunset you could go to the beach and look into the horizon. You could get ice cream go for long walks on the moors, see amazing animals and plants that grow on the moors. You could go to the sea and watch the water crash on the sand.

In Spring, the flowers are starting to grow hour by hour, petals start getting bigger smells and beautiful colours animals like deer rabbits cow sheep bulls are getting eating and drinking water. Horse’s leaping drinking water eating grass. Birds getting twigs to protect their eggs and get worms seeds to feast on while birds keep eggs warm.


Thank you to all the children from Helmsley School.



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Langton Primary School Entries

We have recieved some beautiful artwork from KS1 and amazing stories from the children of Langton Primary School. 


Reception & Key Stage 1


"Filey is one of my favorite places beacause I can build sandcastles and paddle in the sea, ans collect shells and fossils"


  • SKYE

"My North Yorkshire is our family walk. Here I can see the Moors, school, sheep and deer in the fields and farms."


  • RUBY

Dalby Forest



"My Special place is my school.  It's where I made my friends and learn inmprtant things.  You can see my classroom, where I do learning and the playground I play with my friends."



"My Favourite place is Dailby Forest. My picture is Dalby Forest. "





"I love going on the steam train to Whitby and playing at the seaside. This is the first time I went on a train and me playing on the beach."



"My Favourite place is Dalby Forest"



"The Beach"


  • JACK



"I like jumping on the bridge because it bounces. When I'm on the bridge I can see a crocodile in the water.  I can watch the train go past."



"My favourite place is Dalby Forest. There are lots of trees and streams and a play park."



"The Railway Musuem."


Year 1 and 2

  • ZIVA

"My North Yorkshire is Scarborough.  You can see fish and chips, ice cream, sealife, the castle and marine drive.   I always have lots of fun here on the beach. "




"This is my special place on my day walk in Birdsall, I have drawn my 2 dogs, an owl and me in my wellies, walking through Blue Bells in the forest."



"I like going to Dalby Forest for a bike ride with my family.  We see woodland animals hiding in the trees."



"My special place is going to Birdsall with grandma. We see cows and sometimes horses walking home from school."



"I went to Scarborough beach and paddled in the sea, after me and Priya got cold.  Then we wen to tell Priya's mum. Then we found a donkey ride. We told Priya's mum and she let us go on them.  My donkey was called Susan."



"My special place is the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.  I go on it every summer with my grandad.   There are different train stops to see and on the way you can see all different species of animals to see.  It goes up to Whitby, that is where is stops.   My favourite place is Whity and around.  I love Whitby because I love playing crazy golf there and going to Trenchers for my lunch, Yummy!"



"We go for a family walk in the Bluebelll wood.  We see lots of nature. There are lots of trees, flowers and birds. "



"I have chosen Studley Royal!"



"Hutton Le Hole"



"I like going to Dalby Forest to play on the Zip Wire."


  • WADE

"I love visiting Castle Howard where I play hide and seek.  I catch Pokemon on the way to the playground.   I have a cheese scone for lunch and an ice cream when its time to go home."



"I chose Piglets because every yearI go to see Santa with my family.   I go with my mummy and daddy, grandma, Auntie Tasha, Uncle Richard, Aunty Becca and my cousin Ralph and Digby.  

In my picture my family and I are going to see Santa. We are in the sleigh getting pulled by the tractor.  Then I am getting the key off santa politely, to choose a toy from the workshop."



"Hutton-le-Hole is my special place because I like to play in the stream with my cousins and sister.   My Picture shows the cafe where we got and ice cream.  

There is a bridge to go over the stream where we played.  There is a hill with flowers and lots of sheep.   The sheep were everywhere.  They were even in the road when we were driving."



"My favourite place in North Yorkshire is my home.  I like watching the sunset with my brothers and playing in the garden."


  • SAM

"This is me in the beck ay my cousins house. I played till 8:00 it was very sunny."



"I like riding on my bike in Dalby Forest."



 "I like Filey because my family is there and we're all together.  We go to the beach to build sandcastles and eat ice-cream.  We also go swimming together. "



"I like going to Bempton Cliffs to see the Puffins.   I think Puffins are nice."


  • NOAH

"Where is Dalby?  Dalby is in the country side!"


  • JONI

"I was high up on nests.  I did jumping and lots of balancing."  at Go Ape. 



"This is my favourite place in North Yorkshire., Dalby Forest.   There is lots of trees, a stream to fish in and zip wires.    I love going with my family. "




"This is me riding a donkey in Scarbrough at the beach.  It was so much fun.   Our grandad and mummy came too.   We rode donkeys called Zebady and Toffey."


  • IRIS

"Castle Howard is special at Christmas. 

I love Skelf Island.  

I live the tractor train. 

I like exploring the woods."



"This is Dalby Forest.  I like riding my bike on the muddy paths."




Key Stage 2


"...I am inspired by nature because we take care of it. "



"My Favourite Place in North Yorkshire is Dalby Forest.  Dalby Forest has a brilliant bike park in Dixon Hollow. It has really big jumps that I jump over on my bike. 

Sometimes I go to Dalby Forest with my grandad.  Me and my grandad go on the bike trails. I love going over the rocks. 

 My other favourite place is grandad's farm because I ride my motorbike in the tracks.   I even have jumps there. "



".. I'm surrounded by stunning scenery as as soon as I open my door. ..."


  • AART  

"...I feel lucky ro live in North Yorkshire. "




"....My other favourite place is the North Yorkshire Moors because of its outstanding views!..."


  • JAKE

North Yorkshire is special to me becasue of lots of happy memories of time with family and friends in the countryside.   North Yorkshire is happy, calm and carefree rather than a busy bustling city... "



 "...I feel very lucky to live in the beautiful countryside in the village in North Yorkshire."




"One of the good things about North Yorkshire is the animals, especially the bunny rabbits. 

I love North Yorkshire becasue of the pretty flowers all around us. 

I like the big open spaces to ride my bike. 

Another brillant thing about North Yorkshire is the seasides.  I love feeding the ducks at the duck pond. 

I love going to the White Horse and climbing my favourite tree that I climb everytime I go. 

I love going to to castles in North Yorkshire. 

I love collecting conkers in North Yorkshire. 

I love to watch Genius running on the grass in North Yorkshire Grass. "



"...I really like going up the wheat heaps.  We spent half an hour climbing and sinking and we all lost our shoes and had to dig to find them..."



"... The views goes for miles, I can see fields, trees and lots of cows..."


  • LUCY

"... the Moors it is beautiful!"



"...we saw some black, white and brown calves.  They were in a massive green grassy filed.  We all picked some grass to feed them, there was a very greedy brown one and some scared ones."



"As I look out of my dirty glass window I can see the beautiful flowers blooming in the distance.  When it is pitch dark I can see the black bats swooping over our house.  

At the moment the trees are loosing there leaves but near to Christmas the leaves are completely gone and it is much better to see everything, It is very beautiful. 

In the summer holidays I went walking in the extraordinary sunny scorching day in the purple bushes of bumpy heather.  I saw a deer at the side of the green squelching mud. 

I love chilly April Showers because I like a bit of rain and a bit of sun and snow.  

But when I am outside the cold warm snugly clouds hug me."



"I like North Yorkshire because I go on beautiful walks and see lovely green grass and trees. Also the country side you see lambs and sheep and some cows and pigs, which all belong to farmers.  

There is lots of farms in Yorkshire as it is a big farming country.  Also what I like about North Yorkshire is places like Dalby Forest, there is loads of stuff to do there and GoApe.  GoApe has got zip lines and its an obstacle course and it is fun and I was dancing on the zip line."


  • SKYE

"I love rising my motorbike in the North Yorkshire Countryside with Poppy, Daddy, and Gemma.  Also I love playing outside with Grandad and Grandma and Poppy too and sometimes we go for picnic and is so fun!

With Mummy I love to find conkers, with Poppy as well. 

I love splashing in puddles when it's wet outside in North Yorkshire Countryside with everyone in my wellies. 

I love finding new places with everyone in North Yorkshire Countryside. 

I love watching the snow fall like feathers falling out of the sky. 

I love going to the sea side because I love playing in the beautiful salty seas.  As well as going to castles, I just love going to new places that I have never been before fro example: Parks or motorbiking places. 

I'm going to a cave soon. (150 words just so you know !) 


  • EMMA

"I love North Yorkshire because it is peaceful and there are lots of things to do like walks, have picnic, go to the seaside, or go to the park...."




"...I love when the gigantic moon comes out into the night with Mercury, Venus, Mars and many other planets or stars around the moon. ... "



"... I love to see rabbits jumping like a Jack in the box... "



" Lots of people think the countryside is there bin and it makes it all scruffy when it was a beautiful place to sit and relax..."





"...The North Yorkshire countryside is one of many beautiful things that I have seen England and they don't call them areas of natural beauty for nothing.  Places like these are amazing to live and even though I don't know what our future will be, it will be beautiful."




"North Yorkshire is special to me because I have lived in it all my life and I have been all over it.  What is also special is all the coutryside that is well looked after so it is lovely and green..."



  • LOLA

"I love North Yorkshire, being outside, relaxing in the sunshine.  Staring into space at night is awesome on a clear night. 



  • SETH

"I love North Yorlshire because there is so much to do and you shouldn't get bored, you can go so many places that I can't even name..."



"North Yorkshire, it sounds like just a normal English District but if you've lived here as long as me you'll know it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Britain.  It sounds bias but it's true..."



I love Goathland!  It is beautiful there, its the one place I don't feel like a sheep.  It has astonishing scenery that surrounds its land.   It is a lovely open area, no fences,  barricades or walls to block other land off.   It is special to me because I feel free, there are free-range sheep about.  There are so friendly and mindful  Goathland is nowhere near as busy as places like York and Leeds. 

Heartbeat was film there.  They leave the police cars from the 1960's for the people to get a photo with,, to donate money or just to have a good look at it. 

There are many shops in Goathland, my favourite shop was on that had a lot of things from the 1950's ot the 1970's.   I found a police hat in the shop.  All the shops in Goathland are very unique and special.  From Goathland you can see lots of wild animals who enjoy being free. 

Goathland has a train station!  The train runs from Goathland to Pickering to Grosmont.  It was Adens field in Heartbeat, and it was named Hogsmead Station in Harry Potter.   It also has a wonderful waterfall called "Mallyan Spout which is a stunning place. 

There are not many houses in Goathland as wildlife runs it.  It is not busy but quiet to a certain standard.  We are so lucky to have such a remarkable place in North Yorkshire. 

There is a lovely smell of heather on the Moors.Cars in this area are going about slowly as they have sheep, humans and other natural beauty to watch out for. 

The wildlife in Goathland is incredibly popular.  There are many animals - Adders, the common Pheasants, foxes, hares, owls, some rare birds and Grouse.  They run this place crazy!

Goathland might not seem that far away to you but it depends where you live.  For people in North Yorkshire it's not to far but if you live anywhere else then it can be quiet far. 

There are some lovely places to stay in Goathland like the Beacon Guest House and Eighteen97 B&B Rooms.  One of my favourite is The Fairhaven County Guest House. Sheep love to roam around there. 

Historically known as Godelandia the area known as Goathland was gifted to Osmud the Priest and the brethren of the hermitage by King Henry 1.  The King granted this land in memory of the soul of his mother Queen Matilda as recorded in the Charter of 1109, which is held at Whitby Abbey.  

Goathland or Good Land or even Goda's Land is very popular tourist village situated in the North Yorkshire Moors.  It is 40 miles from York and just 9 miles away from Whitby.  Which makes wonderful moorland village, easy to get to and worth it.   You couldn't make this place any better.  So what are you waiting for, spread the word and enjoy yourself.  





"...I went to Wharfedale Bolton Abbey every night I sat up and watched the stars my favourite consellation os Cygnus the swan..."




"I think the country side is one of the best places to grow up because you get to see all the places that lots pf people never get to see like all the fields and picturesque hills that go on for miles and all the bright stars that shin like lanterns in the never-ending night sky..."



  • ELLA

"...One of the reasons North Yorkshire s special to me is the stunning countryside.  It is something that defies the image pure amazingness.   A green hill is by far a better way to spend the time than on a computer game or some other screen or other..."



  • ROSA

"North Yorkshire is like a dream land come to life it is as if it was built by magic...."



"I love North Yorkshire Country side because it's very beautiful and calm...."




"..With the golden fields, gorgeous grass and the magnificent sun rise and sun set."



"..I like the National Parks called the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales and the have outstanding views and absolute mind blowiing scenery..."




"Every road leads somewhere new and amazing"


Dalby Forest is an amazing place to visit you can go on dog walks.  There are all sorts of places to walk your dogs.  There is also a tree top nets and it's an amazing experience.   You can also go biking at Dalby Forest there are trails and other things that are awesome  At Dalby Forest you can eat there and you can even collect Christmas Trees and Christmas time.  You can do loads of awesome things.  You can also do star gazing and t is the most amazing experience. 

Peat Rigg was an amazing place to visit we did all sorts of things like walks, and you can even make things on the camp fire.   It was awesome.  I absolutely lived it.   Me and my friends enjoyed it so much and I wish I could have stayed there. It was the most fun experience I had experienced in a very long time.  It was a very nice place because the beds were as soft as clouds and I love sleeping with my friends and having a midnight feast. 

I love North Yorkshire because it is a fabulous place to live and grow up in.  Th country side is a very pretty place and I love it very much.   It is so special to me and it has everything you could ever want.  It has beautiful meadows and fun windy roads they lead to new wondrous places that have yet to be seen.   The sound of the bird-song in the morning are the loveliest thing to wake up to. 



  • JOE

"There is many reasons why North Yorkshire is special to me but these are the best, there islots of activites and many places to go to have fun, there are good scrabbling places to go..."



"One od the best things about North Yorkshire is most of the poeple are kind, also there are son many pleasant walks."


  • LEON

" I also love the mind blowing scenery..."





"North Yorkshire is sandwiched between beautiful moorland and the North Sea.."

Peat Rigg

At Peat Rigg we got to stroke and feed baby lambs, one of the lambs were called Oreo and all the other lambs were really cute too. 

When I wen to Peat Rigg we stayed for 1 night and 2 days.  For breakfast you could have a traditional English Breakfast, cereal, pancakes and toast with a choice of jam. 

At Peat Rigg we stayed in room with our friends.   

At Peat Rigg we had a really good time and I really recommend it. 



"I love North Yorkshire because the sun set shines brighter than the sun.  The wind shoots like a gun. The Trees sway loke waves roll over the sea. "

Peat Rigg. 

At Peat Rigg there is a dog called Stan.  He is a sheepdog.  He is so cute. 

We also got to feed the sheep, the sheep is called Oreo we got to feed and hold the lambs.  Oreo was so spotty he looked like Oreo crumbs where crumbled over him.

The room's had 2 bunk beds.  For one of the challenges we made pancakes. 



  • LILY

"One of my best memories was when I did the Castle Howard triathlon."



"I don't like being outside much, so I thought I'd write about what I like inside."




Thank you to all the children of Langton Primary.  



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School Writing Competition 2019

This is our second year running the school writing competition after a very successful launch on 2018.

We asked all schools in North Yorkshire to send stories entitled "My North Yorkshire".  Remember, check our news section daily for the latest entries to be posted!

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Beavers inspired by CPRE "Green Clean"

Beavers help their community!!

Beavers from 1st Helmsley Scout Group in Helmsey, have helped to keep their North Yorkshire community clean by litter picking inspired by  CPRE “green clean”

In doing something for their area and fellow villagers, they hope to use it as part of their community impact award.

During the litter pick, a number of residents said how good it was to see young people out and about doing something positive to help their community.

Well Done Beavers!

Full details on CPRE’s Green Clean is available on the sign up page: www.cpre.org.uk/greenclean


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