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Wednesday, 30 January 2019 06:00

and the results are......(super long pause)

Our first schools writing competition in 2018 was a great success!  

Children are our future,  our work to protect and enhance this county is for this generation and the next and the next….

We had some rather special judges, suitably experienced and well-equipped to judge a competition about ‘Why I love North Yorkshire’!

We’ll be presenting the awards and certificates at CPRENorthYorkshire’s AGM in March and hope that all our winners can attend!




Our judges said:  "We loved Summer’s entry as we felt it captured what’s special to her about North Yorkshire and also the unique qualities of the area – creating a vivid picture."

Well done Summer!  

Super Special category winner….

Alvin aged 7 - our judge says ‘Alvin, describes an enjoyable time with his father and there is a sense that he has really enjoyed what NorthYorkshire has to offer’.

Well done Alvin!

Special category winner:

Evie O 

Our judges said: 

‘Evie described many areas of North Yorkshire with a real sense of having experienced them’

and ‘we liked how her words painted a picture in our minds.’



of whose article our judges said:

‘We loved her descriptive wording which showed her passion for North Yorkshire’.

Winning School

Helmsley Community Primary School


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"We went on scary and fun rides; it was a day I will never forget." By Matilda age 7 Wharfedale Montessory School

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Sunday, 09 December 2018 06:57

Schools writing competition 2018

The Wharfedale Montessori School at Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales has entered CPRENorthYorkshire’s writing competition.

We have three entries from this small school nestling in the woods at the side of the Strid.

Entries for this years competition are now closed.

The winners and winning school will be announced in January.


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Thursday, 11 October 2018 09:33

School's Writing Competition 2018

Out of the mouths of babes....2
ARE YOU TIRED OF YOUR BUSY, BUSY LIFE? Then come over to the beautiful, natural North Yorkshire!!
“Chill out dude!|dq|
Lewis from Helmlsey School
“Whatever your taste, you’ll definitely find a food for you!
Bring you Wellies
Why I love North Yorkshire
The North York Moors really is one of the most outstanding places in England and…
Come to Beckdale says William
William P likes the woods and beaches in North Yorkshire and tells us that it's so tranquil in parts - you can hear the leaves falling from the trees...
You won’t forget North Yorkshire
CH from Helmlsey School
Poppy's love of North Yorkshire
Poppy’s story talks about Dalby Forest
North Yorkshire - and its finest beaches galore!!
Adam from Helmlsey School
The countryside is fun because it’s beautiful...
Tristan from Helmlsey School
Nyima says:
Come now and you’ll say WOW!
Jack's North Yorkshire
Hambleton and surrounding area has a racing history going back to the 17th century!
Zoe's North Yorkshire
Zoe's loves Duncombe Park near Helmsley and going fast on her bike!
Luke's North Yorkshire
Come and visit the beautiful North York Moors which is filled with amazing plants and creatures!
Come to North Yorkshire, you’ll feel like a King (or Queen!)
Anon from Helmlsey School
“Your adventure awaits”
'Make your way to North Yorkshire, don’t delay!' says Caroline of Helmsley CP School
Caroline from Helmlsey School
What I can see from my window ....
Ebony's window: "The mountains, The lakes, The fields, The trees, The grass"
Why I love North Yorkshire
Lots of beautiful landscapes and creatures
There is lots to do.... like sunbathing.
Mikey loves North Yorkshire!
Mikey from Helsley CP School in Helmsley tells us why he loves his county and countryside.
Finlay tells us about his North Yorkshire....
Finlay should perhaps be writing for the ad agencies who promote tourism in North Yorkshire as this story tells and sells our wonderful county!
“I hope that you enjoy North Yorkshire and do all of these things”
From Fish n Chips to Michelin dining North Yorkshire's got it all say's Freddy
We are a charity and therefore shouldn't really be advertising but then some things are so good you have to shout about them! As Freddy so rightly says, North Yorkshire's got it all!
Emilia's North Yorkshire
There is a house near a big long lake The are some little sheep You can swim in the lake Where could this be? Castle Howard?
"In my opinion Scott’s of Helmsley is the best place for fish and chips
North Yorkshire -' where dreams are made', says Ruby
Ruby from Helmlsey School
Henry says 'come to whaling Whitby to walk under the whale bones!'
Henry tells us about his view of North Yorkshire which includes; Whitby, Sutton Bank, fish and chips and Flamingo Land.
Piage's beautifully written story about North Yorkshire.
Piage from Helmlsey School
Poppy at Lightwater Valley
Poppy would love to ride the dinosaur ride.
Alvin from Montessori loves fish and chips.
So many of them write about trips to Whitby on the heritage coastline.
North Yorkshire's the best place in the whole wide world.
The best place in the whole wide world! Indeed it is Patryk which is why CPRENorthYorkshire works so hard to enhance and protect our wonderful county!
Kayley Says:
North Yorkshire is an amazing place to live. There is loads of places to visit and to have fun!
Out of the mouths of babes....
There is a beautiful sky, There is a gate so sheep don’t escape, There’s a way for a car to through
Nature? History? Food? North Yorkshire’s got the lot!
Josh from Helmlsey School
It's fantastic, it's amazing, and brilliant wi-fi...... by William!
Out of the mouths of the next generation....
Summer's entry in the CPRENorthYorkshire school's writing competition!
Summer, from Helmsley CP School in Ryedale, might just be the next David Attenborough....
Visit Jorvik - Lena's advice
Jorvik teaches us all about our past - our heritage
Don't leave rubbish about...
"Don't leave rubbish about" says Seb from Helmsley CP School!
Ted's North Yorkshire
Ted, we love your story and the illustrations and your hand-writing.
“Don’t forget to drink some tea!|dq|
Abigail of Helmsley CP School

Why I love North Yorkshire by the next generation!!

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