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Wednesday, 18 September 2019 12:13

Can 1 person make a difference? YES!!!

Climate change is a global problem, but there's a lot you can do about it in your daily life.

The effects of climate change are already threatening our health, our communities, our economy, our countryside, our security, and our children’s future.

Change only happens when individuals take action!!  


Climate Change Solutions you can do yourself:

Tip 1:

Save energy by doing a quick scan EVERYDAY before you leave the house- 

  • Are all the lights off?
  • Are there any unused appliances you can unplug?

A small step by every person can make a big change over time! 

Tip 2:

We could save water by:

  • making sure there are no dripping taps
  • only boiling what you need
  • considering showering more than having a bath
  • turning off the tap when you brush you teeth 
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"At CPRE we think the countryside has a major role to play in tackling the climate emergency."

By Crispin Truman, chief executive

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Friday, 17 May 2019 11:31

You did not act on time!!!

Schoolgirl environmental activist tells MPs that UK planning decisions have been 'absurd'

24 April 2019 by Colin Marrs in Planning Resources

Swedish schoolgirl environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg has attacked UK planning policies and decisions during a speech to MPs yesterday (23rd April)


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