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Friday, 12 October 2018 09:22

Zoe's North Yorkshire

Zoe's loves Duncombe Park near Helmsley and going fast on her bike!

If Zoe's description of North Yorkshire appeals to you and you do want to come and see for yourself visit


Duncombe Park is one of North Yorkshire's spectacular historic house and estates.  The 450 acre estate is within the North York Moors National Park.


Friday, 12 October 2018 09:13

What I can see from my window ....

Ebony's window

"The mountains, The lakes, The fields, The trees, The grass

Ebony is from Helmsley CP School, Key stage 1

Well Ebony, we hope to protect and enhance the fields, trees and grass as well as the lakes of North Yorkshire for you as you grow up!

Thursday, 11 October 2018 09:33

School's Writing Competition 2018

Ted's North Yorkshire
Ted, we love your story and the illustrations and your hand-writing.
Out of the mouths of babes....2
ARE YOU TIRED OF YOUR BUSY, BUSY LIFE? Then come over to the beautiful, natural North Yorkshire!!
Jack's North Yorkshire
Hambleton and surrounding area has a racing history going back to the 17th century!
Poppy's love of North Yorkshire
Poppy’s story talks about Dalby Forest
From Fish n Chips to Michelin dining North Yorkshire's got it all say's Freddy
We are a charity and therefore shouldn't really be advertising but then some things are so good you have to shout about them! As Freddy so rightly says, North Yorkshire's got it all!
Come to Beckdale says William
William P likes the woods and beaches in North Yorkshire and tells us that it's so tranquil in parts - you can hear the leaves falling from the trees...
Lots of beautiful landscapes and creatures
There is lots to do.... like sunbathing.
Luke's North Yorkshire
Come and visit the beautiful North York Moors which is filled with amazing plants and creatures!
Poppy at Lightwater Valley
Poppy would love to ride the dinosaur ride.
Out of the mouths of babes....
There is a beautiful sky, There is a gate so sheep don’t escape, There’s a way for a car to through
Piage's beautifully written story about North Yorkshire.
Piage from Helmlsey School
Summer's entry in the CPRENorthYorkshire school's writing competition!
Summer, from Helmsley CP School in Ryedale, might just be the next David Attenborough....
Come to North Yorkshire, you’ll feel like a King (or Queen!)
Anon from Helmlsey School
North Yorkshire's the best place in the whole wide world.
The best place in the whole wide world! Indeed it is Patryk which is why CPRENorthYorkshire works so hard to enhance and protect our wonderful county!
Visit Jorvik - Lena's advice
Jorvik teaches us all about our past - our heritage
“Don’t forget to drink some tea!|dq|
Abigail of Helmsley CP School
Nature? History? Food? North Yorkshire’s got the lot!
Josh from Helmlsey School
Henry says 'come to whaling Whitby to walk under the whale bones!'
Henry tells us about his view of North Yorkshire which includes; Whitby, Sutton Bank, fish and chips and Flamingo Land.
Don't leave rubbish about...
"Don't leave rubbish about" says Seb from Helmsley CP School!
Alvin from Montessori loves fish and chips.
So many of them write about trips to Whitby on the heritage coastline.
Mikey loves North Yorkshire!
Mikey from Helsley CP School in Helmsley tells us why he loves his county and countryside.
The countryside is fun because it’s beautiful...
Tristan from Helmlsey School
Finlay tells us about his North Yorkshire....
Finlay should perhaps be writing for the ad agencies who promote tourism in North Yorkshire as this story tells and sells our wonderful county!
Bring you Wellies
Why I love North Yorkshire
What I can see from my window ....
Ebony's window: "The mountains, The lakes, The fields, The trees, The grass"
North Yorkshire - and its finest beaches galore!!
Adam from Helmlsey School
North Yorkshire -' where dreams are made', says Ruby
Ruby from Helmlsey School
You won’t forget North Yorkshire
CH from Helmlsey School
'Make your way to North Yorkshire, don’t delay!' says Caroline of Helmsley CP School
Caroline from Helmlsey School
“Chill out dude!|dq|
Lewis from Helmlsey School
Emilia's North Yorkshire
There is a house near a big long lake The are some little sheep You can swim in the lake Where could this be? Castle Howard?
Zoe's North Yorkshire
Zoe's loves Duncombe Park near Helmsley and going fast on her bike!
It's fantastic, it's amazing, and brilliant wi-fi...... by William!
Out of the mouths of the next generation....

Why I love North Yorkshire by the next generation!!

Out of the mouths of the next generation....

William likes Beckdale and appreciates good wifi.. so do we William!

Anyone inspired by Will should visit



Entry No 3

CPRENorthYorkshire Schools writing competition.



Thursday, 11 October 2018 07:10

Out of the mouths of babes....2

ARE YOU  TIRED OF YOUR BUSY, BUSY LIFE?  Then come over to the beautiful, natural North Yorkshire!!

Children are honest, they see life as it is and as it should be.  This wonderful story highlights North Yorkshire's incredible waterfalls, historical abbeys. castles, Sutton Bank, Roseberry Topping the White Horse and of course Whitby and it's fish 'n' chips!

Here's some more information about this stunning part of North Yorkshire and hopefully you'll see why we do what we do and why we campaign so hard for this generation and the next.....

Sutton Bank?

Well - apart from being a very big hill with a spectacular road running up the side, one that you seriously hope not to get stck behind a slow, large truck or a bad driver on, it is the route down from the tops or up from the Vale of York!

Vet and author James Herriot declared the tremendous view from the dramatic Sutton Bank escarpment over the Vale of Mowbray and the Vale of York, the "finest in England". It's an official Dark Sky Discovery Site too, one of three in the North York Moors.

There's a visitor centre at the top with ample parking - why not watch to the sun set with a picnic?  https://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/visiting/see-and-do/sutton-bank-national-park-centre

Visit Whitby for fish 'n' chips?  We second that, the famous Magpie Cafe is not to be missed!!

Here's entry two of the school writing competition.

The brief was to write about something the children did this summer that made them love North Yorkshire so much!  They've adapted the brief and seem to be producing an excellent ad campaign!    This entry is from one of the older children

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 08:16

Out of the mouths of babes....

Written by CPRENorthYorkshire

By Sophie, Key Stage One Helmsley CP School


There is a beautiful sky

There is a gate so sheep don’t escape

There’s a way for a car to through

The first of our entries in our writing competition for schools launched this year.   We asked two schools to send stories entitled "Why I love North Yorkshire".

Ryedale schools embraced the project which will be opened up across North Yorkshire in 2019. Send in your thoughts if you think one particular story stands out as a winner.  We shall be donating £200 to the winning school and a book token to the winning entries although we really think they are all winners.

Is your school interested?  Contact info@cprenorthyorkshire.co.uk for more information.

Ref Sophie entry 1



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