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Tuesday, 11 December 2018 10:58

So quiet, you can hear the leaves falling!!

Yes North Yorkshire is tranquil, that’s why we campaign so hard to keep our tranquil areas….tranquil!!!
William is from Helmsley CP School

'Make your way to North Yorkshire, don’t delay!' says Caroline of Helmsley CP School

Paige, we’re sorry your wonderful, beautifully written story took so long to post, we had to replace our scanner!

Poppy loved her trip to Lightwater Valley and can't wait to go back with her family. 



Our North Yorkshire children love Fish & Chips as a treat! So many of them write about trips to Whitby on the heritage coastline.

It’s full of history from Captain Cook and the Endeavour to Bram Stoker’s Dracula There are two festivals inspired by Whitby’s literary history in Spring and Hallowe’en.

Whitby is part of the Scarborough Council local authority area. This famous town lies in the North East of our county and it’s close to Heartbeat country.

Alvin loved his summer visit to Whitby and his story tells it all….






for more information on Alvin’s summer holiday destination!

Sunday, 09 December 2018 06:57

Schools writing competition 2018

The Wharfedale Montessori School at Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales has entered CPRENorthYorkshire’s writing competition.

We have three entries from this small school nestling in the woods at the side of the Strid.

Entries for this years competition are now closed.

The winners and winning school will be announced in January.


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