Leave a gift in your will

A couple with their eyes closed in a peaceful landscape
Enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside

A retreat to recharge from city life. A place for adventure. A haven of tranquillity and solitude. We’ve benefited from the countryside’s healing qualities. And now, our countryside needs us.

By leaving a gift to CPRE in your will, you’ll help us continue to promote, enhance and protect the countryside you know and love for years to come.

A countryside for us all. Forever.

To learn more about how your gift can help to regenerate the countryside, request your free CPRE gift-in-will booklet now.

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How to enhance and protect the countryside with a gift in your will

It’s easy to leave a gift in your will and you can always change your mind. Just let your wishes be known to your solicitor when you make or update your will, and give them these details:

  • CPRE registered charity number: 1174989
  • Our address: CPRE North Yorkshire, P.O. Box 189, York, YO7 9BL

For more information or advice, please contact the Legacy Officer at memorial@cpre.org.uk or call 020 7891 2800.

Our promises to you

  • Your legacy will be in capable hands. We’ve been successfully enhancing, promoting and protecting our beautiful countryside since 1926, and we’ll continue to work in your name for many more generations.
  • We appreciate any gift of any size, and we’ll use our expertise to ensure your legacy will make a lasting impact.
  • We’ll always treat you and your wishes with respect and confidentiality.
  • If you have any queries about leaving a gift in your will to CPRE, our staff will always be available.

How Serena made a lasting difference

Mrs Serena Moore nee Denholm-Young, whose family came from Pickering.

This incredible lady left a substantial legacy to CPRE for the protection of the North Yorkshire landscape (but not for administration). This enables us to continue our work and plan for the future. This most generous and overwhelming legacy illustrates the passion and commitment to North Yorkshire by people of North Yorkshire. Such a legacy illustrates the confidence people hold in CPRE formed in 1929 to prevent urban sprawl.

We shall continue to work hard to ensure North Yorkshire’s landscape is protected.  If only we could have thanked Mrs Serena Moore nee Denholm-Young in person.


Why making a will is important

Making a will is good for you and your loved ones. It provides peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out, and the people you love taken care of.

Making a will can be good for the countryside too

By leaving a gift to CPRE North Yorkshire, The Countryside Charity, you will be joining thousands of people who want to stand up for our countryside. The countryside is ours and our children’s heritage and by leaving a gift to CPRE North Yorkshire you will help to fund successful campaigns, protecting the countryside into the future.

With no funding other than from our members and supporters your gift is all the more valuable. CPRE North Yorkshire is the only countryside charity that campaigns to protect the wider countryside throughout North Yorkshire. This means not limiting our support to purely ancient woodland, nature/wildlife reserves, Green Belts or AONBs or a specific species of flora or fauna, but all these important areas and more, including those parts of the countryside afforded no statutory protection.

In memorandum

Your gift in their memory, will go towards protecting our countryside into the future. You could celebrate your loved one’s life by setting up a fund with Just Giving or by requesting gifts be placed in a simple donation box in lieu of flowers and making a one-off donation in your loved one’s memory.

What better way can there be to remember a loved one than by giving a gift to CPRE North Yorkshire, The Countryside Charity?

Here are some of the ways a gift in your will could help us protect the countryside and the biodiversity within it, by:

  • Taking part in examinations
  • Commenting on planning applications
  • Providing advice and support
  • Paying for and providing expertise in environmental law, heritage, landscape, air quality, transport water and ecology etc.
  • Organising litter picks and collecting evidence
  • Raising awareness by attending events and visiting schools
  • Supporting local communities, towns and villages.