Together we can clean up North Yorkshire!!

25th May 2021

Litter may not always be at the forefront of people’s minds in our busy modern world, however statistics – and sometimes a quick glance at the area around you – show that we really do need to act on this growing problem in the UK.

Litter is anything from a crisp packet or cigarette butt to a bag of rubbish. All litter is unsightly and makes our local areas look untidy and uncared for. Common litter items include fast-food packaging, sweet wrappers, drinks cans, bottles, cigarette butts and recently PPE.

Litter does not clean itself away. It can take years to degrade, causing harm to wildlife and habitats.

Litter is ugly. It ruins our beauty spots, it’s harmful to the environment, it’s harmful to health, to wildlife and the environment. Often, we find that our rural areas are plagued by litter and fly tipping, spoiling the countryside and the enjoyment it brings to so many of us.

The Community Litter Tracker enables anyone with access to the internet to report areas that have litter issues.



Anyone with access to the internet can report areas that have litter issues through the CPRE North Yorkshire Litter Tracker – or QR Code.







Step 1: See a problem

Step 2: Open the app via or QR Code.

Step 3: Take a picture. Your location is automatically detected.

Step 4: Enter some basic information and post the report—in seconds!

Step 5: If you would like to help collet the litter, you can sign up at Keep Britain Tidy as an individual or as part of a group. Or join a local litter picking group in your area.



The information collected will be communicated to the local councils, organisations and communities. Organised litter picks can be arranged, and existing groups can be informed of the findings.


We want to see less litter in our community.

We are proud of where we live, and we want you to be too.




CPRE launches citizen science project to tackle litter in Yorkshire | Yorkshire Post

Bill Waters