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We provided sufficient evidence to endorse refusal of this application in a conservation area in Carleton in the Craven District authority area (see the pdf attachment).  However, local residents have contacted CPRENorthYorkshire recently expressing their disbelief that this application has been recommended for approval next week at the Planning Committee meeting in Skipton.  

If Carleton has sufficient permissions under the "very advanced local plan" for the next 20 years and Craven can show a five year supply and there are sufficient material reasons to refuse this application....why is it recommended for approval?  More executive homes are just not needed.  More destruction of conservation areas in Craven is not needed.





Wednesday, 27 February 2019 07:50

AGM 2019 - it's a date!

13 April, 1.30 The Old Swan Harrogate (subject to change please watch the web site).


The first AGM of the newly formed Charitable Incorporated Organisation CPRENorthYorkshire!

Meet the trustees, see what we've achieved, hear what we are doing and where we are going.....

More information to follow as speakers finalised.....


Scackleton in the Howardian Hills AONB

Last June, we were contacted by a number of local people because they were shocked to find a static caravan had been placed in a field in their village and works started (concreting, water connection, gateway etc).  On investigation we found that no planning permission had been applied for!  Now that's just not right.  Whether it's the middle of city or the middle of a protected area WE ALL must follow the rules and apply for planning permission.  So we contacted the local council to find out what was going on... they issued a temporary stop notice.  

CPRENorthYorkshire commissioned a heritage and conservation report by a well respected expert.

An appeal by the developers of this site then followed, a dismissal of that appeal by the planning inspectorate soon followed that.  

You just cannot decide you want to build somewhere and start without gaining all the necessary approvals.

We responded to requests for help from local people and supported them and the local parish council (the first tier of local government) to ensure that this development in an AONB and Conservation area was stopped. 


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (s)
It's time to count the stars!

We've been gazing at the stars since time began, we've worshipped them, we used them to navigate and we've been inspired by them

From Shakespeare to Coldplay - the stars have inspired.

To see the stars, we need dark skies.
Dark skies can be degraded by light pollution.
We need dark skies - we need night and day!
Natures natural rhythm depends on night skies - for migration, for feeding and for reproduction
As dark skies mark the difference between night and day, they also mark the difference between urban and rural landscapes.

We are so very lucky in North Yorkshire to have some of the darkest skies in the country. Right now CPRE are running the annual star count. 

Wrap up warm, get outside and count the stars 
our national web site will show you how ....
Anyone can do it, any where.
Take a good long look at the skies above - the views are so, so beautiful on a clear night.

Take part in CPRE's annual star count and help us map the dark sky areas of England.
We use Star Count to gather evidence about how light pollution affects views of the night skies and help support our work to tackle excessive or unnecessary lighting.

When you wish up on a star ...... 
Take part in the Cosmic census!


Thursday, 31 January 2019 12:48

Are you ready to count the stars?

CPRE’s Star Count 2019 is kicking off next week!

From Saturday 2 February until Saturday 23 February we’re asking supporters to count the number of stars they can see (with the naked eye) within the constellation of Orion, which we’ll use to create a new map to show the nation’s views of the night sky, and raise awareness of the issue of light pollution.

Find out how to take part at: www.cpre.org.uk/starcount   

It would be fantastic if you could all take part and encourage your friends and family to do the same, especially parts of North Yorkshire are some of  the UK's 'dark' counties.  Please share your experiences and pictures with #StarCount2019.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 06:00

and the results are......(super long pause)

Our first schools writing competition in 2018 was a great success!  

Children are our future,  our work to protect and enhance this county is for this generation and the next and the next….

We had some rather special judges, suitably experienced and well-equipped to judge a competition about ‘Why I love North Yorkshire’!

We’ll be presenting the awards and certificates at CPRENorthYorkshire’s AGM in March and hope that all our winners can attend!




Our judges said:  "We loved Summer’s entry as we felt it captured what’s special to her about North Yorkshire and also the unique qualities of the area – creating a vivid picture."

Well done Summer!  

Super Special category winner….

Alvin aged 7 - our judge says ‘Alvin, describes an enjoyable time with his father and there is a sense that he has really enjoyed what NorthYorkshire has to offer’.

Well done Alvin!

Special category winner:

Evie O 

Our judges said: 

‘Evie described many areas of North Yorkshire with a real sense of having experienced them’

and ‘we liked how her words painted a picture in our minds.’



of whose article our judges said:

‘We loved her descriptive wording which showed her passion for North Yorkshire’.

Winning School

Helmsley Community Primary School


join us

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