Drop a caravan in an AONB, start building and forget about planning permission!

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By Fran Evans
27th February 2019

Scackleton in the Howardian Hills AONB

Last June, we were contacted by a number of local people because they were shocked to find a static caravan had been placed in a field in their village and works started (concreting, water connection, gateway etc).  On investigation we found that no planning permission had been applied for!  Now that’s just not right.  Whether it’s the middle of city or the middle of a protected area WE ALL must follow the rules and apply for planning permission.  So we contacted the local council to find out what was going on… they issued a temporary stop notice.

CPRENorthYorkshire commissioned a heritage and conservation report by a well respected expert.

An appeal by the developers of this site then followed, a dismissal of that appeal by the planning inspectorate soon followed that.  

You just cannot decide you want to build somewhere and start without gaining all the necessary approvals.

We responded to requests for help from local people and supported them and the local parish council (the first tier of local government) to ensure that this development in an AONB and Conservation area was stopped.